Drop Shades and Solar Sun Shades in Sacramento

Drop Shades Sacramento

Drop shades are some of our most versatile and popular products at Screen and Shade Solutions. People all over Sacramento are discovering the great style and functionality of drop shades. If you are looking for protection from UV rays, our drop screens and shades at Screen and Shade Solutions block up to 97% of UV rays. The fact that the drop shades also retract into their casings means that you can choose whether to block out the light or let it in. This allows you to enjoy a clear and unobstructed view for much of the day, and when the light gets strong or the sun starts to set, you can lower your retractable drop shade and protect yourself and your furniture from the effects of the strong sunlight. Give us a call today: (916) 532-2296

Screen and Shade Solutions offers several different options of drop shades and drop screens in Sacramento

Our outdoor drop shades allow you to shade your patio or porch, with shades that are installed around your patio covering. Outdoor drop shades tend to be more heavy-duty than indoor drop shades, because they are exposed to the elements more. Indoor drop shades, on the other hand, function very similarly to regular window screens, though they have the option of blacking out most of the sunlight that shines in, if you want black-out shades as well. For a sleek design and complete functionality, trust Screen and Shade Solutions’ drop shades for your Sacramento, CA home or business! Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Solar Shades and Sun Shades in Sacramento

Solar shades are a perfect solution for any Sacramento, CA homeowner or business owner who needs to limit the sunlight indoors, put some shade on a patio, or protect people or furniture from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun Shades from Screen and Shade Solutions block out up to 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, so you can be confident in the protection offered by our solar shades. Some uses for our solar shades include shading a business or restaurant from the afternoon sun, so that customers can enjoy themselves without being blinded by the sun in their eyes, providing shade for a protected outdoor area, or just getting some shade in your own home or patio. If you want solar shades that black out the sunlight and block the view, we have a wide variety of black-out and opaque solar shades at Screen and Shade Solutions. Give us a call today: (916) 532-2296

If you want to still be able to see out, without the harsh effects of the sun, we have plenty of options for this as well.

For example, many restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops opt to put transparent solar shades in their west-facing windows. This allows patrons to sit at the window and look out at the view, even during the afternoon when the sun is setting and shining directly in at the window. Our solar shades at Screen and Shade Sacramento block up to 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes and skin, as well as your furniture and decorations from the harsh and fading effects of the sun’s light. If you want great style and a beautiful appearance along with reliable protection against the sun, let Screen and Shade Sacramento take care of you with our high quality solar shades! Give us a call today: (916) 532-2296

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