Measuring your Screen Door

How do you measure your screen door for a retractable screen door?

You will begin by measuring the door. This is the most important step in the ordering process, so make sure you measure twice and double-check your work. You'll take three horizontal (width) and two vertical (height) measurements, in addition to measuring the door jamb thickness. The method is a little different for an Arched Top door, so we've included diagrams for both door types.

The horizontal measurements for measuring a screen door are:

  • Upper Width (W1)
  • Middle Width (W2)
  • Lower Width (W3)

The vertical measurements for measuring a screen door are:

  • Left Side (H1)
  • Right Side (H2)

Be sure to measure in the EXACT spot where your door will be attached to the door jamb; typically, it is hung in front of the door stop.  Once you've checked and double-checked your measurements, choose the largest width and height you or your hired professional will trim the excess wood at the time of installation.

After you've determined the size of your existing opening, deduct 1/4 inch from the WIDTH for clearance and up to 1/2" for the HEIGHT. It’s important to include this deduction in the measurements you provide us; we do not make the deduction.

TIP: Make sure the entry door handle does not protrude into the space for your wood screen door hardware. It’s important to ensure there’s enough clearance for specialty hardware handle sets.