Retractable Screen Doors Elk Grove

From window screens and screen doors to custom retractable and disappearing screen doors, we do it all!

With warmer weather in Elk Grove, CA, many people are starting to open up their windows and doors and let the fresh air into their houses, and therefore to think about window screens and screen doors.

There is nothing more delightful than a cool breeze on a warm day, or opening up the whole house first thing in the morning to let in the fresh chilly air in the springtime. Having fresh air in the house is important for health and happiness, and is a welcome relief from the stagnant air that builds up during the winter time.

"The best solution for any doorway"

  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Rolls away when not needed
  • Door handle and locking
  • latch Let the breeze in
  • Keep the bugs out
  • Let your home breath


The benefit of fresh air is soon lost when bugs start getting inside every time you open up the windows.

Insects are not welcome visitors in your home, whether in the form of house flies or wasps. It is very frustrating to have a pleasant day spoiled by having to chase a wasp around the house, and then having to shut all the windows to keep any more bugs from flying in. With window screens and screen doors, you do not ever need to worry about having unwelcome intruders with exoskeletons in your house again; you can enjoy all the fresh air and cool breezes you want in comfort and peace of mind.

Conventional, old-fashioned screen doors – the kind you have to open before you can knock on the main door of the house – have a certain definite charm to them, but for many homeowners in the Elk Grove and Sacramento area they are not the look they want for their front doors.

Screen doors somewhat hide the main door behind them, and many Elk Grove homeowners take great pride in the design and decoration of their front doors. Your front door is what welcomes in visitors, and home magazines abound with ideas for painting and decorating your front door so that it will be impressive, attractive, and welcoming. As a result, many homeowners find themselves facing a conundrum when choosing whether or not to have a screen door: enjoy the practical functionality of the screen door, or choose the style and elegance of a solid front door?

With retractable screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions, you do not need to choose any more for your Elk Grove home: you can have both! One of our retractable screen doors provides total protection against insects and pests when you want to have it open, and then when you are ready to shut your front door, you just unlatch it from the door frame and it retracts back automatically into its casing. The casing is small, unobtrusive, and practically unnoticeable; your guests and visitors will not notice it next to your far more impressive front door, as it is mounted tucked away on the side of the door frame.

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A retractable screen door adds curb appeal to your home as well as simply making your life more pleasant. For a free estimate on retractable screen doors for your Elk Grove, CA home, give Screen and Shade Solutions a call today! (916) 532-2296