Retractable Screen Doors Fairfield

Open your home with a retractable screen door or disappearing screen in your fairfield home

Summertime is just around the corner, and the weather is warming up in Fairfield, CA. Homeowners all over California are starting to open up their doors, Window Screens, Sun Shades, and Solar Sun Screens to tempt in wandering breezes, filling their homes with fresh air and clearing out the stale, musty air of the winter. Unfortunately, if they do not have screens on their windows and doors, they are also letting in bugs and annoying pests of all varieties. If you love having fresh breezes blowing through your home in Fairfield, CA but hate dealing with flies, wasps, mosquitoes, and other pests, we can help you at Screen and Shade Solutions. We are the trusted source for window screens and screen doors in the greater Sacramento area and the surrounding cities, including Fairfield.

Retractable screen doors are some of our best-selling screen products at Screen and Shade Solutions

Retractable screen doors combine the best parts of having screen doors and not having screen doors for your Fairfield, CA home, and are absolutely versatile. Screen doors are an incredibly useful addition to your home, since they allow you to open up your front door to get a breeze in without letting bugs in, or without letting pets or small children out the front door. There is a reason why screen doors are practically ubiquitous in warm areas of America, and why they are part of popular interpretations of summer living, especially in the south. But traditional screen doors have a very distinctive look, and not all home owners want that exact look for their front door in Fairfield, CA. 

"The best solution for any doorway"

  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Rolls away when not needed
  • Door handle and locking latch
  • Let the breeze in
  • Keep the bugs out
  • Let your home breath

Our customers consistently come back to us for additions to their home, whether it be Window Screens, Sun Shades, Solar Sun Screens or Security Screen Doors, because we have great products made out of high quality materials, with low prices and the best value around.

Old-fashioned screen doors look great on plantation style houses or anything that evokes the relaxed culture of the American South, but they do not suit other architectural styles so well, such as Spanish colonial, adobe homes, mid-century modern, or colonial, all of which are styles which are extremely popular in Fairfield, CA. These architectural styles all lend themselves better to solid front doors. In addition, screen doors cover up the front door, making it difficult to hang wreaths or express your style through painting your door. If you have a home that would not look good with an old-fashioned screen door, or if you cannot celebrate a new season without hanging a wreath, but you also want to be able to open your front door up to let the breeze in, then retractable screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions may be the perfect solution to your dilemma!

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With retractable screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions, you get a full, high quality screen for your Fairfield, CA door, which latches easily into the door frame when you want to use it, and retracts just as easily into its casing on the side of your door when you are not using it. This means that you can have a screen when you want to leave your door open, but when you close your front door, you can still display your stylish wreaths or your designer paint color without having a screen covering it up. Retractable screen doors are a wonderfully practical addition to any Fairfield, CA home, they look attractive, and when retracted into the casing they are practically unnoticeable. Give us a call today for your free estimate and start enjoying the spring breeze in your home immediately!

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