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What is the Retractable Screen Door?

Retractable Screens are a cost effective screen that retracts into a small housing when not being used. They can be used in many different sizes including windows and doors. They are useful on any door opening, window opening, garage door opening, gazebo opening, as well as patio openings because they are only extended across the opening when needed.

Retractable Screen Doors & Solar Screens in Sacramento

If you are looking for retractable screen doors, solar screens, drop shades or solar screens in the Sacramento, CA area, you have come to the right place at Screen and Shade Sacramento! Our retractable screen doors are the best in the area, made with high quality materials and installed by our team of experts, all for affordable prices that make our retractable screen doors an incredible value. Retractable screen doors allow you to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful California weather during the warm months without having to worry about bugs and pests getting into your home, and also without having to have your front door blocked or obscured by a conventional screen door. While we certainly love regular screen doors, they look good on certain architectural styles and not on others, and they work best for homeowners who do not really want to decorate their solid front doors.

For homeowners whose houses do not lend themselves as well to conventional screen doors, or for homeowners who want to be able to decorate their doors so that they will be noticed from the street, conventional screen doors are not such a good option. Retractable screen doors and disappearing screen doors, on the other hand, are a fantastic option for homeowners of this sort. Our retractable screen doors at Screen and Shade Sacramento slide out when you need them, and then retract seamlessly and easily into their small, unobtrusive casing when you are not using them.

Fresh air is extremely important for any well-run home in Sacramento, CA. Having bugs in your home, though, is the antithesis of a well-run home. Mosquitoes, wasps, bees, moths, and flies do not belong indoors, and you do not need to let them in when you open up your windows and doors to let the air in. It is especially frustrating to get fresh air in the evening if you do not have screens up, because moths quickly fly in and flap around your light bulbs, causing annoyance and distraction. Don’t miss out on any more great weather for opening up your house and getting fresh breezes. Contact Screen and Shade Solutions if you are considering any type, style or design of Retractable Screen Doors, Disappearing Screens, Security Screens, Solar Screens, Window Screens and or our new line of Motorized Drop Screens.

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