5 Reasons to Invest in Security Solar Screens for Your Home

5 Reasons to Invest in Security Solar Screens for Your Home

Security and safety should be top of mind for every homeowner. While traditional security systems can help monitor for intruders, there are other proactive steps that can be taken to deter potential threats and give homeowners greater peace of mind. One low-cost yet highly effective option is to install security solar screens on windows and doors.

Beyond just keeping out bugs and reducing solar heat gain, these specially designed screens provide an extra layer of protection for your home. Here are the top 5 reasons why security solar screens are a smart investment for any property:

Deters Intruders

One of the main purposes of security solar screens is to discourage would-be burglars from trying to break in. The tightly woven mesh is very difficult to cut, puncture or remove without making a significant amount of noise. This deters opportunistic criminals who want an easy target and don't want to draw attention.

Standard window screens or even bars can be jimmied or ripped open relatively quietly. But the heavy-duty materials and construction of security solar screens make them a much bigger challenge to breach unnoticed. Many robbers will simply move along to an easier mark rather than risk getting caught in the act.

Having visible security screens sends a clear message that your home has taken proactive measures against break-ins. This can help deter around 80% of residential burglaries according to some studies, as professional thieves tend to target properties that appear more vulnerable with less risk of being interrupted.

Provides an Extra Barrier

Let's say an intruder does manage to get past the exterior security solar screens. They still have another significant barrier to contend with before entering the home. This extra layer of protection buys homeowners valuable time to react if an alarm is triggered.

It also makes it much harder for thieves to scope out the interior and assess valuables before breaking in. Without easy visibility through the windows, they lose a tactical advantage. Even if they do force their way inside, the secondary barrier from the interior screens still stands as an obstacle slowing down their entry and escape.

emergency services more time to respond. The dual barrier greatly increases the risk for burglars while greatly enhancing security for residents. It's a powerful deterrent and an extra line of defense if deterrence fails.

Enhanced Strength & Durability

Quality security solar screens are purpose-built to be much stronger than typical window fixtures. Many models feature extra-thick, corrosion-resistant aluminum or stainless steel frames. These won't bend, warp or succumb to weather damage like cheaper screened-in windows or doors occasionally do.

The mesh itself is often made of Strong, tightly-knit metals like phosphor bronze rather than lighter aluminum or plastic. This material is puncture and cut-resistant to make forced entry much more difficult. Some high-security variations even incorporate reinforcement Bars behind the screening for fortified protection.

Factor in reinforced locking mechanisms, tamper-proof fasteners and other hardened components, and security solar screens become highly durable security barriers. With proper installation and care, a set can potentially last two decades or longer with virtually no maintenance requirements - far exceeding the lifespan of standard screens. Reliability is key when it comes to preventative home protection.

Blocks Views For Snooping

In addition to deterring break-ins, security solar screens also block outsiders from peeking inside your home and seeing what valuables might be in view. This eliminates a key advantage used by so-called "window peepers" or thieves doing reconnaissance on a target property.

The closely-woven mesh obscures more than standard window screens ever could. Passersby or lurkers outside won't be able to easily spot electronics, jewelry, art or other prized possessions that might tempt thieves. This further enhances privacy for residents while families are home or away.

Blocking visibility also makes it much harder for con artists to assess who is actually in a home before attempting scams like disturbed worker ruses to gain unlawful entry. The obstructed line of sight helps thwart soft targets of opportunity for would-be wrongdoers.

Adds Decorative Touches

Finally, security shouldn't have to come at the expense of curb appeal. Many screen manufacturers now offer contemporary frame finishes, mesh colors and patterned screening that can enhance the look of windows as much as protect them.

From classic aluminum tones to eye-catching white or bronze shades, frames blend seamlessly with most architectural styles. And various mesh types like charcoal, brass or obscure patterns add layers of visual interest without sacrificing security.

With the right hardware, security solar screens can also be customized as roll-down "hurricane shutters" for an even more polished finished appearance during inclement weather. Homeowners get multipurpose protection and aesthetic value all in one versatile system.

In Summary

When weighing important home security upgrades, don't overlook the powerful multi-benefits of professionally installed security solar screens. They provide invaluable peace of mind through effective deterrence, dual barriers and forced-entry resistance. And all this robust protection comes with perks like reduced solar gain, decorative design options and durability that far surpasses standard screens.

Whether you're a new homeowner wanting extra precautions, have an existing security system in need of enhancement or simply seeking upgrades ahead of storm season - high-security screens are a cost-effective way to simultaneously harden your property and beautify it. The small investment pays large dividends in protecting what matters most over the long haul. If safety, security and piece of mind are priorities, adding security solar screens to your property is a smart choice deserving of serious consideration.


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