8 Ways to Maximize Style and Protection With Solar Screens

8 Ways to Maximize Style and Protection With Solar Screens

Solar screens are a practical screening solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces that provide benefits beyond standard window treatments. In addition to their main function of reducing solar heat gain, solar screens can also increase privacy, block views, help with light control and provide protection from exterior elements like bugs and debris. With the right solar screen material and installation, you can maximize both style and protection for your home or business. Here are 8 ways to thoughtfully incorporate solar screens.

Choose an Aesthetic Material

When it comes to solar screens, the material you select is key for achieving an elegant, integrated look. Traditional charcoal or black screens may be very effective but lack visual appeal. Consider opting for a material that enhances rather than detracts from your style. Some aesthetic yet functional options include:

Bronze or aluminum screens: These metallic screens resemble the look of traditional window frames. With their cool hue, bronze and aluminum screen well-aged exterior styles.

Colored or painted screen material: Solar screens now come in a variety of solid or tone-on-tone colors like gray, beige, forest green or navy. Custom powder coating also allows matching existing trim colors.

Decorative patterned screens: For a bold pop, choose screens imprinted with subtle patterns like diamond, square or honeycomb textures that add visual interest. Floral or nature-inspired prints also soften up traditional screening.

Natural fiber screens: Solar screens made from materials such as bamboo slats or hemp and cotton blends have an organic, rustic appeal well-suited to cottages or farmhouses.

Taking the effort to select solar screens that complement rather than contrast with your exterior or interior design will maximize the style factor. Harmony between function and aesthetics results in a polished, integrated look.

Strategically Position Screens

The placement of solar screens matters greatly for success in balancing effectiveness with appearance. Consider these positioning tips:

  • Position exterior solar screens on the outside-facing surfaces of windows to block sun before it enters the home. This keeps interiors bright and screens discreet.
  • For large interior rooms requiring stronger sun control like living rooms or sunrooms, mount screens on the room side of windows to optimize reducing heat and glare indoors.
  • Have interior solar screens professionally installed between windowpanes for near-invisible screening that doesn't detract visually.
  • Space permitting, mount exterior screens either above or below traditional window casings or mounts rather than competing visually with trim elements.
  • Frame exterior screening within lush, vine-covered pergolas or trellises to elegantly disguise screening functions.

Properly positioning solar screens optimizes their functional benefits while thoughtfully considering overall styling so the screens don't distract but instead blend smoothly. Both objectives can be seamlessly achieved.

Use in Layered Combinations

Rather than relying on a single solar screening method, consider layering complementary treatments for enhanced effectiveness and the ability to maximize different aesthetic looks. Some thoughtful layering combinations include:

  • Exterior solar screens paired with light-filtering interior curtains or roller shades offers a handsome textural layering.
  • For strong sun control, mount translucent exterior film followed by interior patterned screening like bamboo.
  • In living areas, sheer interior curtains allow diffused natural light over solar screens designed to cut direct sun and glare.
  • On conservatory or sunroom walls, crisscross an open-weave trellis with textured screening for a charming dappled effect.

Proper layering sequences solar screens as the primary sun blockers, letting additional treatments provide appealing layered looks or supplemental functions like light diffusion or blackout. With some creative planning, layered screening approaches achieve maximum style and protection.

Choose the Right Density

The density or darkness of a solar screen material determines just how well it blocks heat-generating solar radiation. For balancing beauty with function, consider a screen's density level:

  • Light filtering (20-30%): Suitable for maintaining views while reducing glare and some heat. Best for elegant looks.
  • Medium filtering (30-55%): Provides good solar protection with partial exterior or room views still visible through the screen material.
  • Solar control (55-80%): Heavily blocks sun but maintains an exterior silhouette through the screen pattern or weave. Best for full sun areas.
  • Blackout (80%+): Offers maximum solar blocking to reduce heat loads in hot rooms but screening may be less aesthetically transparent.

Match screening densities appropriately to the function required and amount of visibility or exterior views desired. Light filtering screens that don't fully obscure exterior visuals may best maximize the balance between style and protection.

Coordinate With Exterior Finishes

The materials and colors used on surrounding building exteriors impact how integrated solar screens can appear. Coordinated exterior finishes allow solar screening to blend harmoniously into overall home aesthetics:

  • For clapboard or shingle siding, screening mounted flush with siding with nearby exterior trim paint tones looks organic.
  • Screens mounted on a light-colored stucco or stone exterior will remain discreet against the lighter backdrop.
  • Dark wood screening suitsCraftsman or rustic exterior styles featuring natural wood elements.
  • In urban settings, solar screens mountable within courtyard pergolas or above modular green walls conceal screening functions artfully.

With solid planning, solar screens respect existing architecture when finish materials and color palettes are thoughtfully selected to create a cohesive, integrated composition maximizing style. Compatible exterior styles help solar solutions blend rather than stick out.

Consider Multipurpose Applications

Beyond traditional window screening, solar fabrics and meshes have versatile applications that thoughtfully expand protection functions while often enhancing interior style. Some innovative multipurpose uses include:

  • Privacy screening mounted on balcony or deck railings that provides shade while allowing breezes to flow through.
  • Solar yard screening anchored above fencing, outdoor living areas or patios for shaded gathering spaces.
  • Solar transoms or breezeway screening that provides shaded pedestrian thoroughfares between buildings.
  • Indoor room dividers fashioned from lightweight solar fabrics that partition living quarters while diffusing natural light.
  • Ceiling installations of suspended, gathered solar sheers that shade roof windows or entire solariums.

With creativity, solar screening expands beyond static wall uses to integrate protective functions stylishly throughout interior and exterior spaces. Multipurpose applications maximize benefits in visually cohesive manners.

Illuminate Screens Artfully

For screened areas requiring supplemental or ambient lighting, consider eco-friendly lighting approaches that cast solar screens in a flattering glow:

  • Discreet LED strip lights nestled above or below exterior solar screens bathe facades in pleasant diffuse radiance at night.
  • Exposed filament Edison-style wall sconces adjacent to interior screening add cozy nighttime ambient lighting.
  • Recessed architectural lights installed opposite interior screen walls gently uplight fabrics with a scenic backlight effect.
  • String lighting woven through a shaded pergola above extends welcome ambiance after dark through screened spaces.
  • Table or freestanding standing lamps placed behind sheers or bamboo screens impart a beautiful nighttime silhouetting effect.

With care, lighting screened surfaces from discreet angles highlights screening textures artistically as attractive architectural elements even after daylight fades. Illuminated screens maximize style from dusk till dawn.

Incorporate Greenery

Nothing dresses up a solar screening solution quite like incorporating living greenery. Interweaving plants, vines and trees around solar installations naturally enhances appeal through visual softening and ambient shade effects:

  • Train flowering vines up screening surfaces to cascade natural color, texture and fresh scents around structures.
  • Layer screening between trees, bushes or taller plants to create private, leafy outdoor "rooms" near entries or decks.
  • Hang planters holding trailing succulents from screened pergolas or arbors for a fairytale-like look.
  • Line solar-lit interior courtyards with privacy hedges and potted ferns or reeds to enjoy a true oasis ambiance.
  • Plant shade-loving flowers and shade grasses below ground-level screening to add lively color and additional ambient shading.

Nature's living forms effortlessly accentuate solar style when thoughtfully composed with screening solutions. Balance and harmony maximize beauty through greenery's blending with the built environment.

In Summary

With an eye towards aesthetics along with protection functions, solar screening solutions can thoughtfully maximize both style and practical benefits when materials, placements, and surrounding architectural details are carefully planned and specified. From selecting appealing fabrication textures to creatively incorporating lighting and greenery, solar screens integrated seamlessly into exterior and interior compositions offer an balanced outlook for any home or commercial setting. By considering these various style-enhancing methods, solar screening achieves a polished, harmonious integration into architectural surroundings while fully fulfilling its protective purpose for years to come.


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