Burglar-Proof Your Home with These Solar Screens

Burglar-Proof Your Home with These Solar Screens

Break-ins and burglaries are crimes that can strike fear into any homeowner. Knowing that an intruder has entered your private space and violated your sense of security is understandably unsettling. However, there are steps you can take to deter would-be thieves and make your home a less appealing target. One highly effective method is installing solar screens on all of your windows and doors. Not only do solar screens keep out unwanted visitors, but they also provide plenty of other benefits too. In this guide, we'll explain how solar screens can burglar-proof your home while saving you money on energy bills and keeping your interiors cool.

Why Solar Screens Deter Burglars

For burglars, ease of access is a major factor when choosing target homes. They look for properties with windows and doors that can be jimmied open quickly without drawing attention. Solar screens take the ease out of breaking and entering by functioning as formidable barriers. Here are some of the key reasons why:

Security mesh - Solar screens are made of a tightly woven security mesh that is incredibly difficult to cut, tear, or peel back. The small openings of the mesh also make it impossible for hands or tools to get a grip.

Loud noises - Burglars want to get in and out silently and discreetly. However, solar screens are designed not to bend or flex easily. Any force applied results in loud screeching and scraping sounds that would immediately alert homeowners.

Visible deterrent - The obvious presence of solar screens on all accessible points of entry signals that the homeowner has taken protective measures. Burglars tend to pass over properties that appear too difficult or time-consuming to target. Well-installed screens advertise that your home is secure.

Time delay - Even if a burglar did manage to compromise a screen, it would take several minutes of persistent effort. This delay provides extra time for neighbors or passerbys to notice suspicious activity and call authorities.

By combining visual security with physical barriers that are difficult to penetrate quietly, solar screens succeed in raising the perceived and actual challenge of breaking into a home. This alone deters many opportunistic thieves from attempting to target your property in the first place.

Design Features for Maximum Security

Not all solar screen products are created equal when it comes to defense against break-ins. Look for these core features in high-security solar screens:

Security mesh - Opt for stainless steel or bronze mesh that is at least 18x16 threading per square inch. The smaller openings and durable metal make the mesh exceptionally burdensome to penetrate.

Frame material - Aluminum frames are lighter but more flexible than steel options. Heavier-duty steel or wrought iron frames give added rigidity to deter bending or flexing when force is applied.

Mounting technique - Frames should be firmly attached using security fasteners like tamper-proof screws that cannot be removed without special tools. Avoid simple snap-on variations.

Additional barriers - Look for multi-layer screening that combines security mesh with a sturdy overlay screen for added cut andpuncture resistance.

Warranty - Reputable manufacturers will back their ultra-secure models with a lifetime warranty against cutting or breach of the mesh or frame. This shows confidence in the product's burglary-proof abilities.

Choosing the heaviest-grade solar screens available from a reputable distributor all but ensures no ordinary burglar will be able to penetrate them. The investment pays off in robust security and long-lasting peace of mind.

Complementary Security Features

While top-notch solar screens go a long way in strengthening your home's natural barriers, additional security features provide redundancy that thieves absolutely detest. Consider pairing screen installation with some of these supplemental protections:

Outdoor lighting - Motion-activated floodlights around your property expose any lurking intruders while disrupting nighttime visibility needed for undetected entry.

Security system - Professionally installed alarm systems with window/door sensors as well as 24/7 monitoring deter intruders and summon help the moment entry is detected.

Deadbolts - Reinforce all exterior doors with grade 1 or 2 deadbolts that have 1-inch- thick solid metal bolts resistant to snapping.

Exterior trim - Remove lower-level handholds like drain pipes, railing trim, or tree branches within reach of windows.

Landscaping - Prune bushes and foliage away from doors, windows, and foundations so they cannot be used to gain covert access or hide an intruder’s actions and whereabouts.

Neighborhood watch - Get to know neighbors and participate in a watch group who look out for each other’s properties when owners are away. Strength arises from community cooperation.

The more barriers, visibility, audible protection, and social oversight in place, the less feasible and attractive targeting your home becomes to potential burglars. Solar screens set the foundation, while extras build an impenetrable layer of defense.

Maximizing Energy Savings and Comfort

While burglary defense may have sparked your interest in solar screens, their many additional benefits are equally valuable. Installing solar screens allows you to minimize energy use while keeping homes naturally cool even in hot climates. Here’s a look at some of their top advantages:

Solar heat blockage - By filtering out up to 79% of solar infrared heat rays, solar screens prevent indoor spaces from absorbing and retaining heat from direct sunlight exposure during warm months.

Passive cooling - As interior spaces are kept markedly cooler through heat blocking, your home’s air conditioning unit runs less often. This reduces electricity bills significantly over time.

Increased insulation - In winter, the same technology that prevents solar heat gain blocks escaping interior warm air. This amplifies your existing insulation for more consistent indoor temperatures using less auxiliary heating.

Reduced glare - The density of solar screen mesh diffuses harsh sunlight so interior spaces are softly lit rather than glaringly bright which reduces eyestrain. Darkening and blackout weaves are options for bedrooms too.

UV protection - The mesh filters out up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays that can prematurely bleach and degrade indoor furnishings over time from excess sun exposure. Furniture, floors, and wall surfaces stay protected.

Improved ventilation - Mesh window and door screens still allow breezes to flow freely through the home on nice days, taking full advantage of passive cooling methods without needing A/C as much.

Considering the typical solar screen can pay for itself within just a few years through utility bill savings alone, the investment is quickly returned through energy efficiency. Their unique construction also provides long-term performance and protection benefits.

DIY Installation or Professional?

For a do-it-yourself homeowner, installing solar screens may seem like a relatively straightforward project. While possible to complete on your own following manufacturer’s instructions, professional installation is usually recommended and offers distinct advantages:

Precision fitting - Solar screens will only function properly and last if installed with precision to each unique window and door frame size and configuration. Professionals have expertise fitting properly every time.

Tools - Having proper tools like a power drill, rivet gun, staple gun or specialized mounting tools ensure fastening is done securely and neatly without risk of damage to the screen or frame.

Warranty protection - Manufacturer warranties against defects are usually only valid if professionally fitted. DIY could potentially void coverage if frames are stressed or mesh is damaged through improper mounting.

Safety compliance - Meeting local building codes regarding mounting heights, fall protection bars or other regulations is guaranteed when using licensed installers versed in local requirements to avoid potential fines.

Ease of access - Some windows may be difficult for a solo installer to safely and conveniently reach. Pro companies have lifts, ladders, and additional manpower to tackle all exposures properly.

Speed - A team of expert installers can complete larger jobs much faster, minimizing disturbances and getting full security and energy savings online quickly.

The small additional fee over materials cost for professional installation is well worth prioritizing for perfect, lasting results. Many companies even offer free estimates if considering going the DIY route initially.

Burglar-Proof Your Home Today

There’s no better time than the present to install solar screens and genuinely burglar-proof your property from even the craftiest of intruders. Contact reputable local solar screen companies to arrange a free home assessment and quote. Then get comfort, security, and long-term savings protecting your family and belongings working for you for many years. You will sleep better at night knowing your home has such a strong natural barrier in place.


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