The Best Way to Block UV Rays While Deterring Intruders

The Best Way to Block UV Rays While Deterring Intruders

As much time as we spend indoors these days behind closed doors and locked windows, it's easy to forget about the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. But UV exposure is a serious health risk, and it's important we take proper precautions to protect ourselves while still enjoying the benefits of natural light in our homes. At the same time, many of us worry about security and feel more comfortable knowing we have barriers in place to deter potential intruders. Thankfully, there is a window film option that serves both purposes perfectly by blocking 99% of UV rays while maintaining a clear view to the outside from within.

Solar window films have come a long way in recent years, both in terms of technology and aesthetics. Gone are the days of dark, unwanted tint that makes a home's windows look heavily barred from the outside. Modern solar window films are practically invisible to the naked eye from the exterior. On the inside, however, they filter out almost all UV rays before they can penetrate deep into our homes and potentially damage our eyes and skin over prolonged, unprotected exposure. Some key things to know about solar window films and their dual benefits of UV blocking and security:

How They Work

Microscopically thin polymer layers are bonded between two clear plastic films and applied using professional installation tools and techniques for a seamless, bubble-free application. The invisible polymer absorbs UV rays before they transmit through both clear plastic sheets into the home. Dual-reflective and infrared-resistant formulas maximize heat rejection too for energy efficiency benefits.

Ideal Levels of UV Protection

Top-rated solar window films block at least 99% of all UV rays across the entire UV spectrum from UVA, UVB to UVC. Anything less than 95-99% UV block allows too much unsafe exposure still to pass through, negating their purpose. Look for a certified rating by the Window Film Manufacturers Association (WFMA).

Maintaining a Clear View

The whole point is to protect from UV rays while enjoying an unhindered view. Leading solar window films do not alter color, distort images or obstruct sightlines. From inside, it's almost impossible to tell they've been applied at all. And that same clear view means potential intruders can't easily see in from outside either.

Reducing Heat and Glare

As a nice bonus, solar window films significantly reduce heat buildup, interior fading and glare on televisions, computer screens and more. Some block over 80% of infrared heat for added energy savings too. This allows year-round comfort whether you live in a hot, sunny climate or just want relief from strong southern or western sun exposures inside your home.

Inherent Security Function

In addition to their UV blocking capabilities, solar security window films serve as a basic barrier against prowlers by eliminating any visibility into the home. Would-be intruders can't easily tell if you're home, get insight into valuables inside, or break in unnoticed. Even if a window were somehow breached, the tough film layer would resist shattering and buying you time to call for help. Most films have warranties up to 20 years and come in a variety of shades from light to darker obscuration.

Putting Them to the Test

All respectable solar window film brands undergo independent laboratory testing using strict protocols developed by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) andNFRC. Look for IWFA certified performance ratings to ensure consistent quality shielding you from over 90% of solar heat gain and fading as well as 99% or more of all penetrating UVA and UVB rays as promoted.

Professional Installation is Key

Do-it-yourself window film applications rarely achieve the same standards as a pro. Consider having a professional window tinting contractor install your security solar films. They have experience perfectly applying bubble-free with installation tools for long-term appearance and performance. Most offer multi-year material warranties too you won't qualify for if you self-install. Professionals can also remove old films without damaging glass for a refresh down the road.

Choosing the Right Film for Your Climate and Needs

There are several solar film options available depending on climate, window orientation, level of desired privacy and heat management benefits:

Clear - Blocks over 90% of UV rays while maintaining high visibility.

Low-Emitting - Adds slight reflection for a touch more obscurity and blocks most heat/infrared rays too.

Solar bronze/gray - Bronze or gray tints offer privacy from prowlers and block 99%+ UV with up to 80% total solar heat rejection.

Mirrored - Highly reflective films deter distraction and add a sophisticated look while stopping 100% UV transmission.

Consider the compass direction of windows for appropriate levels of shading too. South/west exposures benefit most from solar protection properties. East windows need light but blocking heat buildup aids energy efficiency.

Caring for Your Solar Films

Like any other home investment, proper care helps solar window films maintain their superior performance long-term. Avoid abrasive cleaners or solutions on films that could damage the topcoats or bond to the glass underneath. A mild soap and water solution or glass cleaner when dry is usually all that's needed occasionally with a soft cloth or squeegee. Do not use razor blades or any sharp tools to avoid scratches as well. Otherwise, the films are low maintenance and designed to last for years protecting both you and your home’s security seamlessly.

So in summary, installing energy efficient yet practically invisible solar window films can simultaneously block over 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun while providing a non-perceptual layer of safety against potential intruders looking to prey on unprotected homes. The added perks of reduced fading, heat gain and glare make them a worthwhile investment with practically no compromising of natural light exposure or outdoor views enjoyed from within. Plus, they integrate seamlessly for a sleek, modern aesthetic whether on residential or commercial buildings. Professional installation ensures long-lasting performance in line with manufacturers' warranty timelines. Overall, solar security films deliver unmatched UV shielding and protection of property in a virtually unnoticeable form from both the inside looking out and outside in.


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