The Ultimate Security Screen: Find Peace of Mind with UV Protection

The Ultimate Security Screen: Find Peace of Mind with UV Protection

Home security is an important concern for many people today. While security systems and alarms provide reassurance against intruders, they do little to prevent unwanted pests like insects and animals from entering living spaces. One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of home security is having reliable, sturdy screens on all windows and doors. A well-screened home not only keeps unwanted visitors out, but also allows cross-ventilation and fresh air inside while maintaining privacy.

An ideal security screen provides durable protection against insects, animals and debris, allows unobstructed views out windows, and withstands weathering over time. Traditional screen materials like fiberglass and aluminum provide basic practical functionality but have limitations. Fiberglass screens are prone to stretching and tearing while aluminum screens can corrode in certain climates. Both also do little to protect furniture, flooring and possessions from damage by UV rays.

This is where Solarguard® UV resistant security screens truly shine as the ultimate home security solution. Made of high-quality composites for unmatched strength, and coated with a UV-blocking treatment, Solarguard screens deliver unmatched protection indoors and out while maintaining visibility and ventilation. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of choosing Solarguard security screens for your home.

Unmatched Strength for Reliable Protection

Traditional screen materials simply can’t compete with the strength and durability of Solarguard composite screens. Where fiberglass and aluminum screens usually stretch and corrode after a few years of normal use, Solarguard screens are engineered to last through decades of sun, rain, snow and daily use without losing tension or integrity.

The secret is in Solarguard’s composite construction. Rather than a single material like fiberglass or thin aluminum, Solarguard screens integrate numerous high-strength fibers, including glass, into proprietary resin systems. This creates an incredibly tough, flexible mesh that resists punctures, cuts and impacts much better than any other screen material on the market.

Rigorous testing has shown Solarguard security screens can withstand weights 100 times heavier than the screens would ever experience in normal use without deformation or damage. Critter jaws, wayward tree branches, flying debris - nothing will compromise the protection of a Solarguard screen. With proper care and maintenance, they are built to shield homes reliably for 15-20 years or more.

The sturdy yet flexible composite also stands up brilliantly to weather extremes. Neither extreme heat nor cold will cause Solarguard screens to warp, bow or lose tension like inferior screens. Constant exposure to UV rays, rain, snow and humidity won’t degrade the material over time either. Homeowners can feel secure knowing Solarguard security screens maintain perfect barrier function season after season.

UV Protection Preserves Home Interiors

While sturdy construction is important, Solarguard screens truly shine through their advanced UV-blocking properties. Ordinary screens made from aluminum or fiberglass do little to prevent damaging ultraviolet light rays from penetrating indoors. Over time, unblocked UV exposure can cause irreversible damage. Fabrics and surfaces fade, woods darken, plastics become brittle.

But Solarguard composite screens are coated with a proprietary treatment that filters out over 99% of UV rays before they can reach interior spaces. This unprecedented UV protection is a game-changer for preserving furnishings, fixtures, flooring and other valuables indoors. Furniture, carpets, electronics - even family photos on display - will maintain their vibrant colors for far longer behind Solarguard screens.

For homeowners with large windows or glass doors letting in significant natural light, the UV-shielding ability of Solarguard screens is nothing short of a lifesaver. Floors, walls and ceilings right by windows that see heavy sun exposure will fade at a fraction of the normal rate. Expensive hardwood floors, area rugs and paintings located near glass are completely shielded from sun damage.

Over decades of use, the cost savings from reduced need to refinish floors and retouch paintings alone can easily offset the higher initial investment in Solarguard screens. But most importantly, UV protection translates to keeping a home’s aesthetic fresh and vibrant for far longer than possible with any other screening solution.

Custom-Fit Comfort and Views

While security and durability are top priorities, a premium screen system shouldn’t sacrifice view or ventilation. Solarguard composite screens truly elevate the indoor/outdoor experience through invisible, custom-fit installations.

Available in a variety of colors, profiles and mesh textures, Solarguard screens can be professionally fitted to follow the curves and angles of any window or door for a seamless, clean-lined look. Adjustable tensioning ensures a taut, wrinkle-free fit that maximizes visibility at all times. The unobstructed views maintain spatial light and connection to the outdoors.

An almost invisible 0.27mm UltraFine weave is an ideal choice for windows where clarity is key, like in living areas. All mesh options are precisely engineered to balance visibility and barrier functions perfectly. Bugs, debris and other annoyances stay outside while ideal light, airflow and aesthetics are preserved inside.

Solarguard also offers innovative retractable and roll-down screen options for doors, patios and large windows. With the touch of a button, these systems provide reliable barrier functions only when needed before disappearing discreetly when not. Whether stationary, retractable or roll-down, every Solarguard screen installation is custom-fit for use in any home’s architectural details and design aesthetics.

Low Maintenance Convenience

High performance doesn’t have to mean high maintenance. Solarguard security screens are engineered for remarkably low-fuss upkeep despite their rigorously-tested strength and durability.

Fiberglass and aluminum screens constantly need readjusting as the materials stretch and sag over time. Solarguard composites maintain tension and shape indefinitely with no adjustments required. A quick spray of a hose is all that’s usually needed to remove common dirt and dust buildup on the surface.

The UV-resistant coating further reduces maintenance needs. Where sun damage causes other screens to fade and need replacing, Solarguard retains like-new aesthetics for many years. Harsh cleaning chemicals are also unnecessary, avoiding potential damage to the coating over time.

With no sags, bows, rusting or UV degradation to worry about, Solarguard homeowners don’t have to stress about screen repairs or whole-home screen replacements anywhere near as often as with traditional options either. Less maintenance equals more time spent relaxing and enjoying protected indoor/outdoor spaces.

Peace of Mind Protection

When choosing a security screening system, it's important to consider the full scope of threats - both seen and unseen. While durable barriers against pests and debris bring tangible peace of mind, the advanced intangible threats protected by Solarguard can often be overlooked.

Foremost is the peace of mind that comes from total blockage of UV radiation. These dangerous rays, invisible to the naked eye, contribute to skin damage, cataracts and even cancer if overexposed. Solarguard ensures no indoor space is subjected to this threat, greatly reducing long-term health concerns.

Other less obvious threats like pollen, dust and mold spores are also completely blocked by the extra-fine weaves while maintaining visibility and airflow. Many suffer allergies and chronic sinus issues caused by excess indoor particles - especially in humid regions. Solarguard screens eliminate this trigger for respiratory issues and support a healthier indoor lifestyle.

No longer will homeowners stress over constant screen maintenance needs disrupting schedules or incur screen repair costs. Nor will they fret over possessions, furnishings and interior upgrades intended to last for decades showing premature wear from UV exposure. Choosing Solarguard is choosing total peace of mind through superior protection for years on end.

The Real Cost of "Bargain" Screens

As with most long-term investments, the up-front cost difference compared to budget options seems minimal when considering the full lifetime savings potential of a Solarguard security screening system. An investment in Solarguard pays dividends in preserved aesthetics, reduced maintenance hassles, better ventilation, and true peace of mind for decades to come.

Traditional screens made from single materials like fiberglass or aluminum require whole-home replacement every 5-7 years on average. Add in the costs of constant repairs and tensioning as they inevitably warp and sag over just a year or two. Over 15-20 years, the total expenditure far exceeds that of a single Solarguard installation.

Then factor in all costs avoided through Solarguard's unsurpassed UV resistance alone - refinishing faded floors, retouching sun-faded art, replacing discolored furnishings and more. One study found that total sun damage costs to typical homes exceed $50,000 over a 30 year period. Solarguard virtually eliminates these unnecessary expenses.

With securer protection of valuables against errant tree limbs, storms and more, the peace of mind value provided by Solarguard can't be overstated either. Preventing a single costly claim related to compromised screens easily outweighs the cost difference.

The truth is that so-called bargain screens are almost never the real bargain when viewed through the long lens of true lifetime costs. An upfront investment in the premium Solarguard system delivers unbeatable protection, minimal maintenance and stunning ROI through decades of worry.

Peace of Mind for a Lifetime of Protection

When choosing a home security screening system, it's important to find a solution that provides the best long-term value and leaves homeowners feeling secure. Solarguard screens do this better than any other option on the market through their unmatched strength, lifetime UV protection, beautiful custom installations and minimal maintenance needs. Homeowners can rest assured knowing their most valuable possessions and even their families' health are safely shielded for decades to come. For true peace of mind and the ultimate home security, Solarguard UV-resistant composite screens are the clear choice.

A Sound Investment in Home and Well-Being

While the upfront investment in Solarguard may be higher than bargain brands, a lifetime of savings through reduced costs, protected possessions and reassured well-being provides an unmatched return. Choosing Solarguard security screens is one of the soundest investments homeowners can make for their most important asset - their home. With decades of reliable performance and protection from unseen threats, Solarguard pays dividends in financial savings and peace of mind that no other screening system can match. The higher quality of living and lifestyle preservation it offers makes Solarguard the optimal choice for valued homes and families today and for generations to come.

Find Lasting Security and Joy with Solarguard

After reading about the strength, protection and convenience of Solarguard screens, it's clear to see why they are the gold standard choice for security, comfort and preserved aesthetics. Homeowners of all kinds can rest assured Solarguard will guard their castles and castle inhabitants for a lifetime against all threats seen and unseen. Beyond strong barriers, Solarguard enhances quality of life through health protection, low maintenance and vibrant indoor spaces for enjoying with loved ones. They make bringing the outdoors in through open windows a carefree experience. For lasting security, views and joy in one's domain, Solarguard is truly the ultimate screened solution.


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