Tired of Burglars? Block Them Out with Burglar-Proof Solar Screens

Tired of Burglars? Block Them Out with Burglar-Proof Solar Screens

Are you tired of worrying about potential burglars getting into your home while you're away or sleeping at night? Burglary is an unfortunate reality that many homeowners face, and it can feel violating to think of strangers rummaging through your private spaces and belongings. Fortunately, there is an effective solution that not only deters criminal activity but also provides your home with additional benefits - burglar-proof solar screens.

Solar screens have been growing in popularity as a green home improvement option that lowers energy costs. However, many homeowners don't realize these versatile screens can also significantly increase security. By blocking entry points like windows and sliding glass doors, solar screens form a protective barrier that seriously discourages burglars. Their dense weave makes them nearly impossible to break or cut through, so intruders have no way to force their way inside. At the same time, the screens allow you to safely see outside and let in fresh air and natural light, so you avoid feeling closed-in despite the enhanced fortress-like protection.

The Science Behind Burglar-Proof Solar Screens

What exactly makes solar screens such a powerful deterrent against break-ins? It comes down to a few key factors:

Density - Solar screens are made from tightly woven stainless steel or aluminum threads embedded with ultraviolet inhibitors. This creates an extremely dense mesh that is very difficult to penetrate. Burglars want easy, quick entries and will usually avoid any obstacle that seems like it may trigger an alarm or draw attention.

Visibility - From the outside, solar screens allow you to see in but block outsiders from seeing inside your home clearly. This "one-way visibility" discourages scoping out what valuables may be inside as potential targets. Burglars want undetected access, so not being able to easily case a place deters their criminal plans.

Noise - Attempting to cut or forcibly remove a solar screen would create loud scraping or tearing sounds that could alert neighbors or set off sensitive home alarm systems. Most burglaries are carried out stealthily to avoid detection, making noise a factor criminals want to avoid at all costs.

Durability - Solar screens are crafted to withstand weathering from sun, rain, heat and cold without degradation to maintain maximum security over long-term use. Burglars know forcing entry risks damage that could identify them, so lasting, damage-resistant barriers discourage assaults on entry points.

While sturdy doors, locks and alarms provide important security layers, solar screens uniquely block access to entry points altogether with a passive, maintenance-free solution. This active deterrence makes your home a less appealing target and can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a burglary victim.

Additional Benefits of Burglar-Proof Solar Screens

Beyond boosting security, solar screens deliver extra perks that enhance comfort, save money and protect your investment in your home:

Energy Efficiency - On sunny days, solar screens reflect heat while also blocking up to 95% of solar gain from windows to greatly reduce air conditioning costs. They lower indoor temps by deflecting infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

UV Protection - Solar screens shield fabrics, floors and valuables from damage by blocking over 99% of sun's harmful UV rays which can cause fading over time. This helps maintain appearance and resale value.

Privacy - By obscuring a clear view inside, solar screens allow natural light in while maintaining visual privacy. You can feel secure without worries of being watched within your own spaces.

Noise Reduction - Solar screens help muffle outdoor noise pollution from traffic and neighbors for a more peaceful indoor environment. They also block flying/crawling insects from entry.

Resale Value - Not only does a solar screen upgrade deter criminal plans, but it also adds long-term curb appeal and "green" credibility that can increase your home's market value. Conscientious buyers seek energy efficiency.

Customizing Your Burglar-Proof Solar Screens

When custom-ordering burglar-proof solar screens for your home, you have options to tailor the installation for best results:

Frame Styles: Flush-mounted or overlap frames in bronze, white or mill finish for aesthetic compatibility. Recessed frames provide sleek look.

Material Types: Aluminum for lightness or stainless steel for maximum strength/longevity. Consider marine-grade for coastal areas.

Weave Styles: Various thread densities like 18x16 or 20x20 weave for optimal security and visibility balance.

Corner/Side Options: Full perimeter coverage or just windows/doors. Consider extras like soffit/gutter screens.

Automation: Some screens open/close via motorization, remote or app for ventilation. Integrated sensors alert when open.

Glass Fit: Ensure proper fitting screens for single/dual pane insulated glass. Trim may be needed for framing compatibility.

Wind Ratings: Higher force screens withstand storms/hurricanes depending on your climate needs for all-season protection.

When installed professionally, high-quality customized solar screens form a seamless, aesthetically-pleasing security layer around your home's vulnerable areas. Speak to a specialist company in your area for an assessment and free estimate. The peace of mind is well worth the investment.

Choosing a Trusted Solar Screen Installer

To get the full benefits of solar screens for burglary prevention, it's important to choose a trusted, experienced installer. Look for:

Licenses/Insurance: The installer should carry general liability and workers' compensation coverage. Ask to see licenses and certifications.

Warranties: Reputable companies offer long (10+ years) product and workmanship guarantees to stand behind their work and mitigate issues.

Experience: Select an installer that has been in business for many years with proven ability to complete high-quality residential screen installations.

References: Ask for and call past clients to check satisfaction levels, work quality and any follow-up service provided over years of use.

Consultation: Watch for companies that provide free estimates, product advice and explain all aspects of the process upfront with no high-pressure sales tactics.

Material/Product Options: Top installers carry various materials, weaves, hardware and automated options for full customization.

A professional solar screen installer can ensure proper measurements, quality material selection, precision installation methods and industry best practices for maximum safety, security, comfort and energy savings from your investment for many years. Don't compromise on choosing the right professional team for this critically important upgrade.

Peace of Mind From Professionally Installed Solar Screens

Adding burglar-proof solar screens is a simple, cost-effective way to significantly deter criminal plans and safeguard your home, property and family. More than just a barrier, solar screens save money through energy savings while providing valuable privacy, noise control and UV blocking as a permanent fixture that enhances curb appeal.

When installed correctly by an experienced specialist, you gain multifaceted protection and benefits without compromising views or atmosphere inside your spaces. In fact, the passive security these maintenance-free screens provide allows you to feel more comfortable at home. No more worrying when away or at night - a burglary attempt would be all but foiled from the start, thanks to a passive barrier that functions automatically without any activation needed on your part.

If worries about crime in your neighborhood have been stressing you out or draining joy from fully enjoying your home, it's time to take back control through proactive upgrades like professionally installed solar screens. Not only will their advanced construction methodology and security features actively deter criminal plans to target your property, but their additional perks will enhance comfort and savings for many years of enjoyment to come. Most importantly, by blocking intrusion routes altogether, burglar-proof solar screens let you rest easy knowing your most valuable possession - your family's security and privacy within your safe haven - is truly protected.


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