Top 10 Benefits of Installing Security Sun Screens

Top 10 Benefits of Installing Security Sun Screens

Sunlight provides warmth and light that make homes bright and inviting. However, windows can also be an entry point for intruders if left unprotected. Security sun screens help maintain privacy while still letting in natural illumination. Here are the top 10 reasons why installing security sun screens can benefit both the aesthetics and security of your home.

Deters Burglars

One of the primary advantages of security sun screens is that they deter potential burglars from breaking in through windows. Standard sun screens and blinds can be easily removed or cut through, but reinforced security screens make windows a less appealing target. The tightly woven metal mesh is tough to cut or break through, forcing burglars to seek entry through another, less protected area of the home. Some screens even have impact-resistant features that withstand kicking or blunt force. By making windows a tougher barrier, security screens significantly reduce the chances of a break-in through that access point.

Provides Extra Layer of Privacy

In addition to enhancing security, reinforced sun screens supply an additional layer of privacy for windows. The tightly knit metal mesh allows light in while obscuring views both in and out. This helps maintain privacy in spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or home offices without needing to keep heavy curtains drawn all the time. Privacy sun screens also filter out unwanted noise, muting outdoor sounds like traffic for a more tranquil indoor ambiance. They provide semi-secluded outdoor areas for entertaining or lounging without constant visibility from the street. The screening effect preserves light and connection to the outside view while enhancing solitude indoors.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Unlike standard screens or blinds, security sun screens are constructed from rugged yet aesthetically-pleasing materials designed to withstand weathering over extended use. Powder-coated aluminum framing resists corrosion better than cheaper metals and won't rust, peel, or lose structural integrity with exposure. High-grade stainless steel mesh is also corrosion-resistant and built to endure impacts. Reinforced weaves ranging from 14-18 gauge are thick enough to deter damage yet fine-meshed to allow ambiance. Properly installed security screens can survive decades of sun, rain, snow, and winds with minimal maintenance needs. The longevity outweighs frequent replacements, saving money long-term.

Variety of Stylistic Options

In past decades, security screens may have had a more industrial aesthetic. However, modern designs incorporate various styles to complement any home décor. Frame profiles range from classic and traditional to sleek, minimalist looks. Mesh patterns include standard squares alongside more decorative designs like bronze diamond, copper diamond, and geometric styles. Frame finishes come in dozens of anodized and powder coat colors to match any exterior or interior paint scheme. Low-profile, low-visibility, and retractable options allow preserving unobstructed views when desired. With such variety, security screens integrate elegantly without looking like an afterthought or clashing with architectural elements.

Climate Control Benefits

Reinforced sun screens provide eco-friendly benefits through climate control. The mesh blocks up to 95% of UV rays year-round, reducing solar heat gain that drives up air conditioning costs during warm months. The frame's insulating properties also serve as a barrier against drafts and temperature fluctuations, lowering heating bills in colder seasons. Properly shaded windows mean interior temperatures stabilize more efficiently. Studies show homes with solar control systems require up to 30% less energy usage for cooling and heating. Security screens pay dividends through long-term savings on utility costs while mitigating a home's carbon footprint. They enhance energy efficiency sustainably without expensive retrofits.

Withstand Forceful Impacts

Standard window treatments lack impact resistance, a key safety factor. However, robustly constructed security sun screens stand up to strong forces without failure. Reinforced frames and specialized meshes withstand various abuse attempts ranging from crowbars and hammers to projectiles thrown or shot at windows. Mesh gauges as thin as 14-gauge prove sturdy enough to deflect objects like rocks without penetration. Some even deter bullets from small-caliber firearms, providing an extra secure barrier against vandalism or extreme intrusion methods. The durable mesh and framing effectively protect glass and window assemblies from accidental or intentional damage attempts, offering enhanced security and peace of mind.

Pet and Child Safety Benefits

Homes with children and pets gain security from reinforced screens. The tightly-woven mesh serves as an effective barrier to prevent little fingers, paws, tails or heads from accidentally protruding out and getting caught or pinched in window tracks or frames. It also helps stop curious kids and animals from falling out accidentally through an unscreened opening. The barrier gives extra reassurance for families with active toddlers, babies or boisterous pets without sacrificing airflow and views. Similarly, impact-resistant screens protect little ones inside from any projectiles, debris or other flying hazards outside that could endanger vulnerable residents through unprotected glass. Overall child and pet safety improves significantly with security sun screens properly installed.

Deters Mosquitoes and Insects

Standard window screens deter most ordinary sized insects from entry, but they don't repel smaller pests like mosquitoes. The tighter 15-18 gauge weave of reinforced security sun screen meshes proves too finely knit even for mosquitoes to sneak through. Denser patterns block up to 95% of all airborne bugs and creepy crawlers from gaining entry into living spaces. This benefit alone can save homeowners thousands in pest control costs annually according to national averages. Fine-meshed security screens let in fresh air and light without also admitting swarms of buzzing pesky insects seeking to infiltrate residences. Outdoor entertainment and relaxation stay insect-free with the extra layer of screening.

Reduce Window Replacement Costs

All glass windows shatter or crack more readily than those protected by sun screens. The reinforced mesh acts as the first line of impact defense, often preventing window panes from complete failure. Cracks and stress fractures more commonly develop in the screening itself rather than the underlying glass. So while screens may need periodic replacement, they generally protect investment-grade windows from damage requiring full glass sheet replacement costing hundreds to thousands of dollars each time based on size. Over time, the savings from extended window lifespans and reduced maintenance more than offset screen installation expenses for an excellent return on investment.

Maintain Resale Property Value

Another often overlooked benefit involves home resale value. Studies show properties with security features command higher sales prices on average compared to identical homes lacking comparable safeguards. Independent assessments credit security enhancements anywhere from 1-5% boosts in appraised worth, sometimes more in higher crime areas. The fine detail of professionally installed sun screens provides visual curb appeal signaling a secured, well-maintained property to interested buyers and appraisers. Listings including comprehensive security packages have been proven to spend less time on the market as well. Bottom line - security screens deliver payback through maximized property value at resale as a standard protective measure buyers seek.

In Summary

While initial installation costs carry an upfront expense, security sun screens provide remarkable long-term benefits that more than compensate investments over time. Money savings accrue through reduced energy bills, lower maintenance/replacement costs, maximized home value, deterred property damages and avoided medical expenses to name a few examples. However, the most invaluable assets shielded involve family, pets and personal safety secured within a home protected by reinforced sun screening. For any homeowners prioritizing security, comfort, convenience or family protection, installing top quality security sun screens ranks among the most sensible precautions to undertake.


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