Retractable Screens in Davis CA


When it comes to keeping insects out of your home while still enjoying the outdoors, retractable screens are a great option. As one of the leading manufacturers and installers of retractable screen doors and window screens in Davis CA, Screen & Shade Solutions offers various types of retractable screens to meet different needs. In this guide, we will discuss the different retractable screen options available, their benefits, how they work, maintenance and repair services, costs, and more.

Types of Retractable Screens

There are three main types of retractable screens - single-panel, double-panel, and motorized. Each has its own advantages depending on your specific requirements.

Single-panel Retractable Screens

Single-panel retractable screens are the most basic and affordable option. They have a single pane of mesh screen that retracts neatly into the frame when opened. Single-panel screens are a good choice for smaller openings where space is limited. They provide insect protection while still allowing maximum airflow. Some homeowners prefer single-panel screens for their simplicity and easy manual operation.

Double-panel Retractable Screens

Double-panel retractable screens have two panes of mesh screen, one inside the other. When retracted, both panes stack tightly together taking up minimal space. The double pane design creates an insulating air gap, helping regulate temperature and reduce noise. It also provides better barrier against bugs. Double-panel screens are ideal for larger doors and windows as they have higher strength and durability.

Motorized Retractable Screens

For ultimate convenience, motorized retractable screens can be opened and closed with the push of a button. An electric motor automates the retraction and extension of the screen mesh. Motorized screens are perfect for people with limited mobility. The automated operation also makes it easy to use the screen door or window frequently without much effort. Motorized screens have a higher price tag but offer unparalleled ease of use.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

  • Provide effective fly and insect barrier
  • Maximize air flow and view when open
  • Take up minimal space when retracted
  • Sleek, low-profile design complements any home
  • Easy to use manual or automated operation
  • Help regulate temperature and reduce noise
  • Available in various styles, finishes and sizes
  • Premium screens enhance curb appeal
  • Durable aluminum frames last for years

How Does a Retractable Screen Door Work?

Retractable screen doors function via a simple yet effective rolling mechanism. The screen mesh retracts neatly into the top header of the door frame when opening the door. Precise rollers ensure smooth operation with minimal effort. When closed, the taut mesh unfurls back down to fill the entire door space, keeping bugs out. Most retractable screen doors can be opened set to open either left or right. Dual slide tracks on double-panel screens allow independent motion of inner and outer mesh panels.

Retractable Screen Door Repair Service Davis CA

Over time, retractable screen doors can develop minor issues that prevent smooth operation if not addressed promptly. Our expert technicians at Screen & Shade Solutions are fully equipped to evaluate, troubleshoot and repair any damage or wear and tear to your screen door. Some common retractable screen door repairs include tightening loose rollers, replacing worn mesh, adjusting out-of-track doors, repairing broken springs, and more. Our affordable repair service helps extend the life of your investment.

Retractable Screen Door Installation Service Davis CA

For a perfectly fitted retractable screen door, professional installation is highly recommended. Our installers bring years of experience installing all major brands of retractable screens. We perform a detailed site measurement to ensure an exact fit. Our installation process includes mounting the rigid frame, adjusting the rollers and tracks, tensioning the mesh appropriately and performing a functionality test. Our screen door installation service in Davis takes the hassle out of do-it-yourself with high quality, code-compliant setup.

Retractable Screen Door Replacement Davis

When irreparable issues or extreme damage makes repair no longer viable, screen door replacement may be necessity. We offer complete retractable screen door replacement in Davis using top brand products. From measuring and ordering, to removal of the old door and installation of the new door, our technicians manage the entire process. We ensure a seamless transition, restoring full functionality and insect protection to your entryway.

How Much Does a Retractable Screen Door Cost?

The cost of a retractable screen door depends on various factors like size, material, number of panels, brand, additional features like motorization and your location. However, on average homeowners can expect to pay:

  • Basic single panel screen door - $300-$600
  • Heavy duty double panel door - $500-$1200
  • Large frame motorized screen door - $1000-$2500

Installation costs usually range between $150-$300 depending on difficulty. Overall, a quality retractable screen door from Screen & Shade Solutions provides excellent value and returns on investment over its long durable lifespan. We also offer flexible financing options to best suit different budgets.

Retractable Screen Maintenance and Care

With some basic maintenance, your retractable screens will serve you trouble-free for many years. We recommend clearing debris from tracks and rollers periodically. Use a mild soap and water solution to wipe down the frame and mesh every few months. Always retraction mesh completely when not in use. Also, be mindful not to leave screen doors open for extended periods unattended. Professional cleaning help maintain smooth operation and maximum protection. Screen & Shade Solutions provides annual maintenance plans for complete screening system upkeep.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As one of the most trusted sources for retractable screens in Davis CA, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction. Homeowners can rely on our expertise, premium brand products, and decades of experience for all their screening needs. Some key reasons to choose us include:

  • Widest selection of top manufacturers like R Lang and Titan
  • Expert installation and repair services you can count on
  • Affordable pricing and financing options
  • Customization for any home style and size of openings
  • Hassle-free maintenance and replacement services
  • Dedicated support and prompt service response
  • Portfolio of thousands of happy clients in Davis area
  • Screening advice from certified professionals
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Give us a call today or visit our showroom location to consult one of our screening experts. Together, we will recommend the perfect retractable screen solutions for your home and budget.