Retractable Screens in Vacaville CA


Living in Vacaville, California means enjoying the beautiful weather and sunny outdoors for most of the year. However, with pleasant temperatures also comes insects, pollen and other airborne allergens. This is where retractable screens come in very handy. As one of the top manufacturers and installers of retractable screens in Vacaville, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a variety of retractable screening options to help you enjoy the fresh air while keeping unwanted pests out of your home.

Types of Retractable Screens

There are different types of retractable screens available depending on your needs. Some of the most common types include:

Single-panel Retractable Screens

A single panel retractable screen is the most basic option. It consists of a single panel that retracts into a door frame or wall track system. Single panel screens are ideal for standard doors but may not provide as much coverage as other multi-panel screens.

Double-panel Retractable Screens

For wider openings like patio doors, double panel retractable screens are recommended. They have two retractable panels connected by hinges to provide complete coverage of the door opening when extended. The panels retract into the sides of the door frame or wall tracks.

Motorized Retractable Screens

Motorized screens are retractable screens that can be opened and closed automatically with the push of a button. An electric motor housed within the track system operates the screen, making it very convenient to use. Motorized screens are great for people with limited mobility. However, they tend to be more expensive than manual retractable screens.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

There are several advantages of choosing retractable screens over stationary screens:

  • Retract completely out of sight when not in use for an unobstructed view. This allows full use of the door without the screen being in the way.
  • Easy to operate with a finger pull. No more struggling with hooks, latches or frames.
  • Provide protection against insects, allergens and debris without sacrificing airflow and visibility. Perfect for enjoying the outdoors while staying safe.
  • Durable aluminum frame makes them weather resistant and long lasting. Won't warp or rust like traditional screen doors.
  • Customizable to fit most standard doors or can be installed between walls as patio or room dividers.
  • Available in different retraction mechanisms like manual or motorized for varying needs.

How Does a Retractable Screen Door Work?

All retractable screen doors work on the same basic principle. They have a retractable screen mesh that rolls up into an aluminum track above or beside the door opening. Some key aspects:

  • The screen mesh is made of finely woven nylon or fiberglass threads that keep insects out while allowing air to flow freely.
  • It retracts into an anodized aluminum track that is installed above or to the sides of the door frame.
  • A finger pull tab on one end of the screen roller makes it easy to extend or retract the screen with one hand.
  • Precision-balanced rolling mechanics ensure smooth and easy operation of the screen with little effort.
  • It locks securely in place when extended to provide a barrier against bugs and debris.

With their simple yet effective operation, retractable screens provide an innovative solution for all your air flow and security needs.

Retractable Screen Door Repair Service Vacaville CA

Even the highest quality retractable screens may require repairs at some point. As a certified repair service for top brands like R Lang and Titan, Screen & Shade Solutions offers retractable screen door repair in Vacaville, CA. Some common issues addressed during repairs include:

  • Replacing worn out or damaged screen mesh
  • Lubricating and adjusting the rolling mechanism for smooth operation
  • Fixing or realigning fixtures, tracks and other hardware
  • Repairing rolling component failure, bends or kinks
  • Screen roller spring replacement to restore proper tension
  • Straightening bent frames and rails
  • Fixing locking mechanisms that no longer secure screen

Our experienced technicians can have your retractable screen functioning like new again in no time. We use only genuine replacement parts for repairs.

Retractable Screen Door Installation Service Vacaville CA

For a brand new retractable screen door installation, Screen & Shade Solutions provides hassle-free service in Vacaville. We are fully equipped and trained to measure, cut and install all major brands of retractable screens. Our installation process includes:

  • On-site assessment and measurements of the door/window space
  • Detailed guide for choosing the right size and fit
  • Ordering and sourcing screens from premium brands
  • Carefully mounting the aluminum tracks and installing rolling mechanisms
  • Measuring and cutting screen panels to fit the space perfectly
  • Securing door tracks, frames and rolling components
  • Testing operation and adjusting tension as needed
  • Providing care and usage instructions

Along with new retractable screen installations, we can also replace your old screens with new retractable models. The results are beautifully fitted, long-lasting screen doors installed by experienced professionals.

Retractable Screen Door Replacement Vacaville

It may become necessary to fully replace old or damaged retractable screen doors after extended use. Screen & Shade Solutions is equipped to replace any manufacturer's retractable screen with a new state-of-the-art model. The replacement process involves:

  • Removing the existing track system, screen mesh and loosened hardware
  • Disposing of all removed components properly
  • Measurements and selection of exact replacement screen size and brand
  • Installing brand new tracks, frames and rolling mechanisms
  • Proper measuring and cutting of new screen panels
  • Custom fitting replacement screens in the opening
  • Realignment, leveling and adjustment for smooth operation
  • Inspection to ensure safety, security and aesthetics

We guarantee a seamless replacement with no trace of the previous door and like-new functioning. You can continue enjoying the benefits of retractable screens for several more years.

How Much Does a Retractable Screen Door Cost?

Pricing for retractable screen doors can vary depending on several factors:

Size of opening - Standard 24" to 36" entry doors start at $250-$400, larger sliding doors are priced higher.

Brand - Budget brands may cost $200-$300 while high-end brands like Phantom and R Lang range from $400-$800.

Material & Quality - Aluminum frames endure longer than vinyl or fiberglass for $50 more on average. Mesh also varies in thickness and durability.

Mechanism - Manual screens are cheaper at $300-$500 whereas motorized operation runs $500-$800 or higher.

Installation - Installing the track system and fitting screens adds $150-$250 depending on difficulty.

Additional panels - Each extra panel for wide openings adds $100 to the cost.

While retractable screens involve greater initial investment over stationary doors, their longevity, convenience and versatility more than make up for the cost. Screen & Shade Solutions offers competitive rates and financing options as well.

Retractable Screen Maintenance and Care

With proper maintenance, retractable screens can last 10-15 years or longer. Here are some tips for caring for your retractable screen door:

  • Clean mesh monthly with a soft brush or vacuum attachment - this helps prevent buildup.
  • Check rollers, hinges and moving parts seasonally for smooth operation - dust or lubricate if needed.
  • Inspect tracks for dirt or debris blocking easy rolling - clean tracks using a soft brush or compressed air.
  • Tighten any loose fixtures, rivets or screws right away before they cause issues.
  • Test locking clips frequently to make sure they hold screen securely in place.
  • Store screens retracted in winter to prevent ice or snow damage to mesh.
  • Replace worn out screens that tear or break down with a mesh replacement kit.

Following these easy maintenance steps ensures your screens function optimally through many seasons of use. Screen & Shade Solutions also offers service plans for routine maintenance at low monthly rates.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As a leading provider of retractable screens in Vacaville, Screen & Shade Solutions sets the standard for quality, service and trustworthiness. Here are a few key reasons to choose us:

  • Extensive experience with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Wide selection of major brands like Phantom, R Lang and Titan for all budgets.
  • Factory trained and certified installation team for flawless fittings.
  • Guaranteed best pricing on all products and services in the area.
  • Swift repairs with quick turnaround times using only original components.
  • Complimentary on-site estimates, consultations and programming.
  • Excellent BBB ratings and high online reviews from happy customers.
  • Extended warranties and backups along with senior and military discounts.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with our unmatched craftsmanship and service.

With Screen & Shade Solutions as your partner, you can rest assured of the best retractable screen solutions backed by excellent after-sales support.