Retractable Screens in Yuba City CA


As the weather gets warmer in Yuba City, California, many homeowners look for ways to enjoy the outdoors while keeping bugs and unwanted visitors out. Retractable screens are a popular option that provide ventilation and views without sacrificing privacy or protection. As one of the most trusted manufacturers and installers of retractable screen doors and windows in the area, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a variety of retractable screening options tailored to Yuba City homes.

Types of Retractable Screens

There are several types of retractable screens suitable for doors and windows in Yuba City. Choosing the right one depends on your home's layout and your needs.

Single-panel Retractable Screens

Single-panel retractable screens are the most basic and affordable option. They consist of a single piece of mesh screen that retracts neatly into the frame when open and extends fully to cover the opening when closed. Single panels are best for smaller openings like standard doors. They provide effective sealing and minimal moving parts to keep maintenance low.

Double-panel Retractable Screens

Double-panel retractable screens contain two overlapping screens that extend and retract together. This dual layer offers better insulation and bug blocking than a single panel. They are well-suited for extra wide openings like double doors or large sliding doors. The bi-fold design takes up less space inside the track when retracted.

Motorized Retractable Screens

For convenience, consider a motorized retractable screen controlled by remote or smart home integration. A small electric motor silently opens and closes the screen at the push of a button. Motorized screens are perfect for locations with limited reach like second story balconies or for users with limited mobility. The automation reduces manual effort versus crank or pulley operated screens.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

In addition to keeping bugs out, retractable screens provide numerous advantages over traditional fixed screens:

Unobstructed Views - Enjoy an unrestricted view of the outdoors when the screen is retracted. Fixed screens can block scenic views.

Ventilation - Open up your home to cool breezes and fresh air flow with the retractable screen allowing ventilation.

Convenience - Easily access the outdoors by retracting the screen with a crank, pulley, or motor. No bending or climbing to remove a fixed screen.

Storage Savings - Retractable screens neatly store away inside the frame, preserving interior space versus bulky removable screens.

Weather Resistance - A tight-sealing retractable screen protects against rain, wind, and debris better than a removable storm window or screen.

Security - The meshed barrier acts as a visual and physical deterrent to unwanted pets and people when engaged.

How Does a Retractable Screen Door Work?

Most retractable screen doors operate via a simple crank or pulley system. As the name implies, the door uses a track system to retract the screening material out of the way and extend it fully or partially across the opening for ventilation or privacy.

Specifically, the screen itself is made of flexible mesh attached to horizontal beams or cables. These connect inside the doorframe to side tracks running vertically on each side. A manual crank or pull cord is attached to raise or lower the screens along the tracks.

When opening the door, simply crank the handle to retract the screen up and out of the way. The horizontal pieces will stack tightly together inside the top track. To close, crank in the opposite direction to slowly lower the screen back down, sealing the opening. An adjustable trolley or pulley keeps the screen level during operation.

Retractable Screen Door Repair Service Yuba City CA

All mechanical devices require occasional maintenance. Over time, retractable screen doors can develop issues like frayed mesh, bent frames, or jammed tracks. Rather than dealing with repairs yourself, rely on the experienced technicians of Screen & Shade Solutions. Their trained staff can perform retractable screen door repairs and troubleshooting in Yuba City, including:

  • Replacing torn or damaged mesh
  • Lubricating tracks and moving parts
  • Adjusting motors or pulley systems
  • Straightening bent frames
  • Realigning components like side tracks
  • Fixing locks, latches or handles
  • Providing technical support over the phone
  • Proper repairs keep your retractable door operating smoothly and extending its useful lifespan for many seasons of use. Screen & Shade Solutions uses only high-quality components to ensure long-lasting repairs.

Retractable Screen Door Installation Service Yuba City CA

For a new retractable screen door, professional installation is highly recommended over a DIY attempt. The experienced technicians of Screen & Shade Solutions provide full retractable screen door installations for both new construction and retrofit applications in Yuba City:

  • Proper measuring and fitting to ensure an accurate fit in the doorway
  • Installing horizontal and vertical support tracks securely
  • Mounting the operating mechanism like cranks or motors
  • Installing adjustable guides to keep the screen level
  • Anchoring the entire assembly firmly and safely
  • Custom cutting mesh screens for a precision fit
  • Programming and testing motorized functions
  • Providing adjustments and demonstrations
  • Cleaning up fully after completion

Expert installation results in smooth, safe operation along with a product warranty. Screen & Shade Solutions uses the best installation methods to achieve flawless results that enhance your home's performance, comfort and value for years to come.

Retractable Screen Door Replacement Yuba City

For homeowners ready for an upgrade, Screen & Shade Solutions provides full retractable screen door replacements. Whether replacing an older failing door or switching to an improved design, their trained professionals expertly remove the old unit and install the replacement with minimal disruption.

The replacement process involves:

  • Carefully dismantling the existing door, tracks and mechanisms
  • Properly disposing of all components
  • Extracting mounting hardware from the opening
  • Measuring and fitting the new door for precision mounting
  • Installing the replacement door of your choice using sturdy commercial-grade materials
  • Ensuring correct function and adjustment of all new parts
  • Conducting final quality control tests before leaving

Replacing a worn retractable door restores ventilation, security and convenience. Screen & Shade Solutions uses only top brand doors for dependable performance year after year.

How Much Does a Retractable Screen Door Cost?

Costs for retractable screen doors in Yuba City vary depending on the door size, material, and features:

  • Basic single panel doors start around $300 installed for a standard 30" x 80" door.
  • Larger double-panel or wide body doors range $500-800 installed.
  • High-end doors with motorized controls, thermal glass or heavy-duty commercial grade build typically run $800-1500 installed.
  • Doors for extra large commercial openings over 100" wide may be $1500-3000 or more installed.

Additional costs include repairs, replacement installations or customizations like non-standard sizes or hard to reach locations. Screen & Shade Solutions works closely with clients to ensure the right screen door solution fits within their budget through transparent quotes and optional financing. They guarantee their products provide great value and performance over time.

Retractable Screen Maintenance and Care

With proper care, retractable screens can last for many seasons of use. Screen & Shade Solutions recommends the following maintenance tips to keep screens looking and functioning their best:

  • Clean tracks with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris monthly
  • Apply a light lubricant Like WD-40 to moving parts twice per year
  • Tighten any loose screws or hardware annually
  • Inspect mesh for wear and make repairs as needed
  • Check seals and adjust if no longer airtight
  • Retract screen fully during storms or heavy winds
  • Store indoor during winter in cold climates
  • Replace screens every 3-5 years or as mesh wears out

Simple maintenance keeps everything running smoothly. Screen & Shade Solutions offers professional screen cleanings and tune-ups to restore like-new functionality. Proper care guarantees the safety, ventilation and energy savings of a retractable screen door.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As one of the most trusted sources for retractable screens in Yuba City, Screen & Shade Solutions has served the area for over 30 years. They partner exclusively with industry-leading brands like R Lang, Perfect Fit, Phantom, and Titan for high-performance products backed by robust warranties.

Additional reasons to use Screen & Shade Solutions include:

  • Factory Certified and Insured Installers
  • Attention to Detail and Quality Workmanship
  • Knowledgeable Product Recommendations
  • Courteous and Helpful Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing with Extra Savings
  • Over Three Decades of Experience
  • Customizable Options and Financing Available
  • Full Installation, Repair and Cleaning Services
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Excellent Online Reviews and Referrals

Give Screen & Shade Solutions a call today for a free in-home consultation and estimate. From choosing the right retractable screen to providing ongoing service, they focus on your complete satisfaction.