Security Screen Doors & Windows in Galt CA


Whether it's keeping unwanted pests like bugs and rodents out or adding an extra layer of security protection, installing security screen doors and windows is a smart choice for any Galt home or business. As one of the leading suppliers and installers of security screens in Galt, Screen & Shade Solutions works with top manufacturers like R Lang and Titan to offer a variety of stylish and durable screening options.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior door that has been fitted with a screening material like aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel mesh. The mesh acts as a barrier, allowing air and light into the home while keeping insects, animals and potential intruders out.

Compared to a regular screen door, a security screen door features a tighter weave screening material that is much more difficult to cut or tear through. It also has a heavy-duty frame made of strong, corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum. Some high-end security screen doors even come with reinforced locks and hinges for added security and wind protection.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Similar to security screen doors, security screen windows incorporate tightly-woven screening into the frame to filter air and light while still providing protection. Screen & Shade Solutions offers security screen windows in various styles to suit any residential or commercial space in Galt:

Slider screens - Fit horizontally sliding windows with movable panels that slide open and closed. Great for bathrooms and kitchens.

Casement screen screens - Hinged at the side like casement windows for optimal ventilation. Popular for bedrooms.

Awning screen screens - Fit above awning windows and tilt outward for burglary protection. Common for living rooms.

Double hung screen screens - Fit double hung windows with two movable sashes that slide up and down. Versatile option.

All security screen window options feature durable frames and locking mechanisms to securely fasten screens in place when windows are open. The tight weave screening prevents intruders from pushing their way in.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are many advantages to installing security screen doors and windows throughout residential and commercial properties in Galt:

Protection from Bugs and Pests - Densely-woven mesh prevents insects like mosquitoes, flies and ants from entering living spaces. This contributes to a more comfortable indoor environment.

Increased Security - In addition to keeping bugs out, reinforced security screens function as an extra barrier against potential intruders. They make it more difficult for unwanted visitors or burglars to gain access to a home or building.

Better Ventilation - Compared to keeping windows closed, security screen doors and windows allow the free flow of fresh air which improves air quality and circulation indoors.

Views from Windows - Screening does not obstruct scenic views like solid doors and shutters would. Homeowners can still appreciate outdoor views through clear security screens.

Wind and Weather Resistance - Sturdy framing and tightly-woven mesh stands up to wind, rain and other elements better than standard screening alone. This protects indoor spaces.

With all these advantages, security screen doors and windows provide practical protection as well as improving a home's curb appeal in the Galt area.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Galt CA

Screen & Shade Solutions offers professional security screen door and window installation services throughout Galt and surrounding cities. Their experienced installation technicians use precision tools and techniques to ensure a long-lasting, secure fit:

Measurement and Assessment - Techs take accurate measurements of openings and assess existing conditions and homeowners' needs and preferences.

Material Selection - The right security door or window style is chosen to suit each application, whether it's a front entry, sliding glass door or bedroom casement.

Preparation - Existing screens or windows are safely removed and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the new installation.

Installation - New frames are securely mounted, adjustments are made and mesh is expertly fastened into place using appropriate mounting hardware.

Inspection - A final quality check is performed to verify proper installation and secure fit prior to demonstration and instructions for the homeowner.

Warranty - All products come with a standard warranty and installation workmanship is also warrantied for quality assurance.

Screen & Shade Solutions' priority is a custom-fit installation that maximizes security, ventilation and aesthetics according to the customer's requirements in Galt.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

While no product is completely failsafe, properly installed security screen doors and windows provide an important added layer of protection for Galt homes and businesses:

14-18 Gauge Mesh - R Lang and Titan brand doors and windows feature tightly-woven wire mesh that is resistant to cutting, tearing or pushing through for true security.

Heavy-Duty Frames - Frames are constructed of hardened aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel up to 1-3/16" thick for reinforced strength and durability against weather, impact & intruders.

Anti-Cut Screen - Special anti-cut security screens have additional coating or weave that make them very difficult to penetrate with sharp tools.

Adjustable Locks - Multi-point locking systems at the top and bottom securely engage into reinforced door or window frames to prevent forced entry.

Anti-Lift Hinges - Heavy-duty hinges resist bending or prying open and many newer styles have anti-lift pins for protection against forced removal.

When coupled with other security measures like alarms and motion-censored lights, high security screen doors and windows from Screen & Shade Solutions deliver peace of mind to homeowners in Galt.

Choosing the Right Galt Security Door or Window

With so many styles and options available, it's important to choose the ideal security door or window for your specific Galt residential or commercial space:

Entryways - Reinforced metal or fiberglass doors with extra heavy mesh provide maximum protection for front and back entrances.

Sliding Glass Doors - Dual sliding or lift-track screening with adjustable multi-point locks suit patio doors well.

Windows - Consider window type (slider, casement, etc), location and architectural style when deciding screen option.

Commercial Buildings - Heavier-duty commercial grade doors and screens can include tamper-resistant locks & hinges for high-traffic areas.

Screen & Shade Solutions' experienced team can help evaluate needs to recommend the most suitable products from top manufacturers R Lang, Larson and Titan. They offer a range of mesh weaves, colors and frame options to complement any style in Galt.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Galt?

Security screen door and window prices in Galt can vary depending on factors like product type, size, mesh/frame material choice and level of security features. Here's an average cost range to expect for premium options from acclaimed manufacturers:

Security Screen Doors: $300-$800 per door installed including common entryway and slider/patio styles. Fiberglass doors and heavier-duty commercial screens may cost more.

Security Screen Windows: $150-$400 per window installed for popular casement, slider and awning options. Large picture windows will be priced higher.

Security Screen Kits: Do-it-yourself backyard “bug” screen kits start around $100 per panel installed. Professional install generally around $150/opening.

Frame Materials: Fiberglass and stainless steel are most expensive; aluminum and steel frames are moderately priced.

Anti-Cut Mesh: Additional cost for stronger anti-cut screen materials ranges from $50-$150 per opening more than standard mesh.

Quality screening from R Lang, Larson or Titan will retain value over time with low maintenance costs too. Financing options are available through Screen & Shade Solutions to best fit all Galt homeowners' budgets.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

When looking for the most trusted supplier and installer of security screen doors and windows in Galt, homeowners and building owners can rely on Screen & Shade Solutions:

Experience - Over years in business with thousands of satisfied customers in surrounding communities.

Brands - Proud dealers of top security door manufacturers R Lang, Larson and Titan.

Expertise - Factory-trained installation professionals with extensive product knowledge.

Service - Outstanding customer service and timely completion of all security screen jobs.

Warranty - Solid guarantee on all parts, labor and workmanship.

Inspections - Complimentary security screen consultations and window/door measurement services.

Financing - Easy payment plans help almost any budget afford necessary security upgrades.

From initial site assessment through professional installation and continued support, Screen & Shade Solutions provides a seamless experience for all security screen needs in Galt, CA. Their attention to detail and personal approach has made them the area's premier source for quality security screening.