Security Screen Doors & Windows in Jackson CA


Security screen doors and windows have become increasingly popular home security solutions in Jackson, CA in recent years. As concerns about burglaries and unwanted visitors rise, many homeowners are looking for effective yet visually appealing ways to protect their properties. Installing security screens is a wise investment that helps deter intruders while allowing natural light and ventilation into the home. Screen & Shade Solutions offers a wide range of modern security screen doors and windows crafted by trusted manufacturers like R Lang and Titan.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior barrier installed on the outside of an existing entry or patio door for added protection. Security screen doors are made of strong, durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel mesh or solid panels. The mesh or material is finely woven to keep bugs, debris, and potential intruders out while still allowing airflow and a view of the outdoors. Security screen doors provide an extra layer of visibility and peace of mind for homeowners in Jackson and the surrounding areas.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Similar to security screen doors, security screen windows serve as an additional barrier on the outside of existing windows. They are made with tightly woven mesh screens or solid panel materials. Security screen windows allow natural light and ventilation into the home while preventing unwanted insects, pets, or potential intruders from entering through open windows. Some homeowners in Jackson prefer security screen windows for basement windows or those located on lower levels for added protection.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are several key benefits of installing security screen doors and windows at your Jackson home:

Increased Home Security - The tightly woven mesh or solid panel materials make it difficult for potential intruders to break in through doors or windows covered by security screens. This adds an extra level of protection beyond standard screen doors and widens.

Better Pest Control - Finely woven aluminum or stainless steel mesh keeps out spiders, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs that may enter through open doors or windows. This helps control pests both inside and outside your Jackson home.

Ventilation and Views - Unlike solid panel doors or storm windows, security screen doors and windows still allow natural airflow and views of the outdoors. This maintains cross breezes and curb appeal without sacrificing security.

Pet and Child Protection - Security screens can prevent young children and pets from accidentally falling or jumping out of open doors and ground-level windows. The barrier adds an extra layer of safety.

Weather Resistance - Screen doors and windows provide protection from rain, snow, and wind while open doors and windows air out a home. This helps control indoor climate and temperature in Jackson.

Low Maintenance - Aluminum and stainless steel mesh screens are durable and require little other than an occasional rinse to stay looking their best in Jackson's climate.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Jackson CA

Professional installation is recommended for security screen doors and windows to ensure they are properly fitted, anchored, and functioning as intended. Screen & Shade Solutions offers security screen door and window installation in Jackson and the surrounding communities. Their experienced installation technicians:

  • Perform measurements to ensure an accurate fit for all doors and windows. Proper sizing and fitting is important for security and performance.
  • Reinforce frames and install high-quality adjustable hinges, rollers, closers, and locks as needed.
  • Anchor and secure screens securely per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Adjust screen tension for a long-lasting fit that prevents insects from entering gaps over time.
  • Educate homeowners on proper operation and maintenance for the lifetime of the product.

Screen & Shade Solutions only uses products from trusted manufacturers like R Lang, Phifer, and Titan to ensure quality, strength and durability suited for the Jackson climate. Their installations come with a limited warranty for added peace of mind.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

When properly installed, quality security screen doors and windows provide impressive security for Jackson homes. The tightly woven metal mesh or reinforced solid panel materials make it very difficult for:

  • Burglars cut or tear through to gain access. Most screens are constructed of strong, security-grade aluminum or stainless steel that would require more time and noise to breach than most intruders are willing to invest.
  • Pets or young children can accidentally fall through if doors or windows are left open unsupervised. The barrier is intended to prevent accidental openings while still allowing ventilation.
  • Insects like flies, mosquitos and ants to enter around the perimeter of the screen due to their small size. Finely woven mesh is designed to block even the smallest invading pests.

While no barrier is completely foolproof, security screens deter opportunistic crime and provide an important extra layer of protection for Jackson homes, especially when used with other security measures like deadbolts, alarms and outdoor lighting. For higher risk areas, reinforced security doors or custom security window grills may offer even stronger barriers.

Choosing the Right Jackson Security Door or Window

When shopping for security doors or windows in Jackson, considering the following factors will help you select the best option for your home and budget:

Material - Aluminum is lightweight and affordable while stainless steel is heavier duty but more expensive. Consider corrosion resistance for your Jackson location.

Mesh or Solid Panel - Mesh allows light and airflow while solid panels maximize security. Choose based on your needs and aesthetics.

Size - Accurately measure all openings to ensure a proper custom fit for security and performance.

Performance Rating - Look for screens tested and rated for security, strength, corrosion resistance for your climate.

Aesthetics - Consider frame styles and colors to complement your Jackson home's design.

Hardware - Reinforced locks, adjustable frames ensure a secure fit over time with screens from brands like Phifer and Larson.

Working with a reputable local security screen dealer like Screen & Shade Solutions ensures you select products suited for Jackson's climate and backed by manufacturer's warranties. Their experts can help match the right options to your budget and security requirements.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors and Windows Cost in Jackson?

The average cost of installation and materials for high-quality security screen doors and windows in Jackson will vary depending on these main factors:

Size - Larger doors and windows typically cost more than smaller sizes. Expect to pay $100-400 just for materials on average.

Material - Aluminum screens are more affordable than stainless steel, which have higher material costs.

Mesh vs Solid Panel - Mesh is more affordable than reinforced solid security panels.

Brand/Features - Higher-end brands like R Lang and Phifer have tighter weaves, reinforcements that add to the base material costs.

On average, expect to pay between $300-800 just for materials on a standard 36" entry door security screen installed. Window screens range around $150-450 each depending on their size and features. Professional installation through a local retailer like Screen & Shade Solutions will range between $100-400 depending on the technician's time and materials required. It is best to request a free in-home estimate from an authorized local dealer for the most accurate quote based on your specific needs. While an investment, security doors and windows protect your most valuable assets - your family and home in Jackson.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As a top choice for security doors, windows and screens in the Jackson area, Screen & Shade Solutions has provided homeowners with quality products and service for over years. Some reasons to choose them include:

Trusted Brands - They exclusively carry high-performance brands like R Lang, Phifer, and Larson recognized for strength and corrosion resistance.

Factory Training - Their installers complete continuous product and installation training to ensure flawless installations.

Customization - From finish options to mesh vs solid panels to pet/child proofing, they'll help customize for your budget and priorities.

Local Expertise - As a locally-owned company, they understand the climate challenges unique to screening in Jackson and surrounding regions.

Warranty Backing - All of their security doors, windows and installation work is backed by comprehensive limited warranties and support.

Knowledgeable Staff - Whether DIY or professionally installed, their experts can answer all your questions to make an informed purchase.

By contacting Screen & Shade Solutions, Jackson homeowners can feel assured they are working with a highly-trusted partner dedicated to their complete security screen door and window needs from quote to installation to support.