Security Screen Doors & Windows in Tracy CA


Whether you're looking to upgrade your home's security or replace aged screen doors and windows, investing in modern security screens is a smart choice. As a homeowner in Tracy, CA, you want protection from intruders while still enjoying fresh air flow and natural light. Screen & Shade Solutions offers a wide selection of high-quality security screen doors and windows that are specially designed for the Tracy area.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is similar to a standard screen door but includes reinforced materials and secure locking mechanisms for increased protection. They feature strong, puncture-resistant mesh screens that are much more difficult for an intruder to cut or tear open compared to a standard fiberglass or aluminum mesh. The frames are often made from reinforced aluminum, vinyl, composite, or steel to prevent prying or jimmying open. Many also come with anti-lift hinges and secure multipoint locking systems for added peace of mind.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Like security screen doors, security screen windows use reinforced mesh and locking systems to deter break-ins. Most utilize metal security screens that are embedded in the frame rather than resting on tracks like standard screens. This imbedded design provides a stronger barrier that cannot be removed from the outside. Dual-pane insulating glass units are common for higher energy efficiency. Many models also include laminated glass, which holds shattered glass in place rather than scattering it, for an extra layer of protection.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

The main benefit of investing in security screen doors and windows is the enhanced protection they provide for your Tracy home and family. By making it extremely difficult for intruders to gain entry, they can help prevent break-ins, assaults, and theft. Here are some additional advantages:

  • Let in fresh air and natural light while keeping insects, pollen, and debris out like standard screens. This allows you to enjoy an open-concept indoor/outdoor flow.
  • Durable construction stands up to kicks, jimmies, and other forceful entry attempts. Reinforced materials are puncture and tear resistant.
  • Sleek, low-profile design complements any home's aesthetic. Blend seamlessly into the architecture.
  • Multipoint locking systems securely latch at multiple contact points for optimum strength.
  • Some models include laminated glass for an additional layer of shatter resistance.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Tracy CA

Professional installation is highly recommended for security screens to ensure proper function and fit. Screen & Shade Solutions only works with certified installation technicians who are experts at installing security doors and windows according to the highest industry standards. They will remove your existing screen and replace it with the new reinforced mesh, adjusting the fit as needed. Multi-point locking mechanisms are precisely aligned. All seams are securely sealed to maximize weatherproofing and security.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Today's security screen doors and windows are engineered to withstand substantial force without compromising. They undergo rigorous testing to exceed industry standards. For example, certified screens must withstand a minimum of 300-pound axial load force without disengaging from the frame. Reinforced mesh is puncture resistant to common hand tools like knives or screwdrivers and very difficult to cut through with powered reciprocating saws or angle grinders. Overall, security screens provide formidable barriers that often require specialized tools and advanced skills to bypass—a major deterrent for opportunistic thieves.

Choosing the Right Tracy Security Door or Window

When selecting security screen doors and windows, consider the following factors:

Material - Fiberglass and extruded aluminum hold up well but steel and reinforced composite are strongest.

Mesh - Stainless or aluminum mesh offers greater durability than standard fiberglass.

Frame/sill - Recessed frames with no sill gaps are most secure and weatherproof.

Locking system - Multipoint locks with anti-lift bolts provide superior strength vs single point locks.

Glass options - Laminated, impact-resisting, or insulated glass if applicable.

Size - Measure openings carefully for proper fit with appropriate compliance for codes.

Screen & Shade Solutions works with homeowners in Tracy to determine the highest security needs and budget when recommending premium yet affordable options like Larson, Phantom, and Statesman brands that meet demanding California requirements for forced-entry resistance.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Tracy?

Top-of-the-line security screens come at a higher price point than standard screens but provide unmatched peace of mind given the substantial benefits. In Tracy, CA, expect to pay:

  • Security Screen Doors: $300-$800 per door installed, depending on size and materials. Fiberglass or extruded aluminum average $350-500. Steel or composite run $500-800.
  • Security Screen Windows: $150-$350 each installed for single hung or sliding panels. Casement or picture windows may range $350-$700.
  • Replacement mesh or parts: $50-$150 depending on size.
  • Multi-point lock set: $75-$150 per door or window depending on brand and features.

While an investment, security screens can potentially save thousands in medical costs, property damage, or theft if they prevent even a single break-in. Plus, their longevity means they may outlast standard screens by 5-10 years. Financing options are available with approved credit.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As a top security screen provider in Tracy for over years, Screen & Shade Solutions offers unparalleled service and protection. They stock the latest styles from industry-leading brands and carry an extensive inventory for quick turnaround on orders and repairs. Additionally:

Exceptional warranty coverage - Most products backed by lifetime material/workmanship and 10-year glass warranties.

Expert installation - Factory-certified technicians meticulously install for optimal security and performance.

Consulting services - Representatives provide free in-home assessments and recommendations.

Emergency services - Capable of addressing repairs, adjustments or replacements within 24-48 hours as needed.

Financing available - No-interest payment plans make upgrades more affordable.

So for the highest quality security screen doors and windows installed with complete confidence, trust the experts at Screen & Shade Solutions serving Tracy. Their products and professional services deliver unmatched peace of mind.