Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Antioch CA


As homeowners in Antioch look for eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to manage heat gain in their homes, solar screens have become increasingly popular. Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are exterior attachments that block solar heat and glare from entering through windows. When installed professionally, solar screens can significantly reduce energy costs by lowering your home's reliance on air conditioning.

Solar screens improve indoor comfort and privacy. They reduce fading of interior furnishings by diminishing damaging UV rays. Solar screens also provide glare control, preventing uncomfortable brightness and eye strain. And for homes located in busy areas, solar screens deliver an extra level of privacy by visually obscuring windows from the outside. Overall, solar screens create a more comfortable interior environment while lowering energy costs.

Privacy Screens Antioch

Privacy screens are exterior screens that are installed specifically to control visibility both in and out of the home. While solar screens deliver privacy as an added bonus, privacy screens are focused on visual screening and concealing the interior from unwanted views.

Common installation locations for privacy screens include patio doors, decks, yards, and areas like master bedrooms where a higher level of seclusion is desired. Privacy screens come in a range of designs from simple aluminum to more decorative options like wicker that still allow natural light in. Because their main function is concealment rather than solar control, privacy screen materials aren't as concerned with heat and glare blocking properties as solar screens. However, some dual-purpose screens deliver both solar and privacy benefits.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

The main functions of solar screens and privacy screens in Antioch are:

Solar Heat Control - Solar screens significantly reduce solar heat gain entering windows by reflecting, absorbing, and dispersing incoming sunlight and infrared waves. This lowers indoor temperatures and reduces reliance on air conditioning.

UV Protection - Solar screens diminish damaging UV rays that can fade furnishings over time. This extends the lifetime of indoor materials and décor.

Glare Control - Screens minimize uncomfortable brightness and eye strain by dispersing direct sunlight and reducing glare off windows.

Energy Savings - By blocking solar heat gain, solar screens lower year-round energy costs for heating and cooling a home. Savings of up to 30% on cooling bills are common.

Privacy - Screens obscure views both in and out of the home for a higher level of seclusion and security. They visually conceal the interior from public areas.

Indoor Comfort - All the above benefits work together to create a more comfortable interior environment with balanced lighting and temperatures.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens work through a combination of physics principles:

Reflection - Screen materials like aluminum reflect most incoming solar radiation away from window glass surfaces. Reflected infrared waves are re-directed outdoors.

Absorption - Darker screen materials absorb solar energy as it converts to heat. The heat is then dissipated through convection currents around screen edges.

Dispersion - Multiple layers and textures within screen meshes break up direct sunlight beams into many smaller beams. This diffuse effect reduces intensity before it interacts with window panes.

Properly installed outside of and a small distance from windows, solar screens intercept solar energy before it transfers through glass. Their shadowing effect also diminishes reflection off indoor surfaces that normally contribute to interior heat gain. Privacy screens simply conceal interior views from the exterior through their blocking opacity.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The cost of solar screens in Antioch will vary based on home size, number of windows treated, and screen material and design selected:

Basic Aluminum Screens - A simpler aluminum screen starts around $150-250 per window installed.

Premium Solar Screens - Fibreglass, bamboo or top-of-the-line vinyl solar screens range from $300-500 per window installed.

Wicker or Decorative Privacy Screens - Privacy screens fashioned from materials like wicker cost $500-1000 per section installed, depending on size.

Large Home Treatments - For whole home solar screen packages on multi-window homes, expect to pay $5,000-$15,000 or more depending on the home's dimensions. Larger projects may qualify for energy efficient rebates.

On average, solar screens return their installation cost within 3-5 years through energy savings on utility bills alone. Beyond that, their lifespan is 15-20 years with proper care, yielding many years of reduced energy usage and maintenance-free performance.

Solar Screens Installation in Antioch CA

Professional solar screen installation is important to achieving optimal energy savings. Skilled local contractors will:

  • Assess your home and windows to recommend the best screens for each application and climate zone. They consider solar angles, sun exposure, room uses and more.
  • Carefully measure and fit each screen for a precision installation. Correct sizing and placement are critical.
  • Install screens using quality metal brackets or frames anchored securely to window frames or siding. Proper mounting creates an effective barrier.
  • Ensure clearances around screen borders allow for ventilation and prevent heat buildup behind screens.
  • Instruct on ongoing screen care like occasional gentle cleaning to maintain high performance over many years.

With correct installation following engineering standards, solar screens deliver their rated solar control capabilities to maximize benefits to your Antioch home. Look for a certified contractor for solar expertise.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service in Antioch CA

Periodic cleaning is necessary to keep solar screens functioning optimally over time. Built-up dirt and grime can diminish their solar-blocking abilities. Without proper care, some protective screen coatings may degrade more quickly too.

Professional solar screen cleaning services in Antioch do a thorough job restoring screens like new again. Techs use non-abrasive chemicals safe for all screen materials. High-pressure water jets blast away residues, leaving an ultra-clean surface.

Screen cleanings are typically recommended once or twice per year depending on your area's environmental conditions. Specialized cleaning restores maximum performance for ongoing energy savings and improved functionality of your solar control investment. Many companies even offer affordable maintenance plans.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Solar Screen or Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting an Antioch-based solar screen installation company, look for:

Professional Certification and Accreditation - Like BBB rating, licenses, NABCEP certification for solar expertise.

Experience - Ask how long installing solar screens, with references from past residential clients.

Warranty - Reputable companies stand behind workmanship with long guarantees.

Brands Offered - Choose a dealer for major, proven brands like SolarScreen or Phifer for quality assurance.

Estimate - Get multiple written quotes to compare scope and pricing upfront.

Service - Does the company also provide post-install service, repairs, and cleaning?

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions for Your Solar Screen Needs

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