Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Concord CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are useful exterior screens that are installed on windows and doors to help block solar heat gain and provide privacy. As one of the most popular solar control products in Concord, CA, solar screens play an important role in regulating the temperature inside homes and businesses.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens work through a combination of filtering and blocking solar radiation from entering your home through windows. They are made with tightly woven mesh or thin metal strips that allow light to pass through while blocking a significant portion of the sun's infrared and ultraviolet rays.

By preventing a large percentage of sunlight and solar heat from directly entering your indoor spaces through glass, solar screens are able to:

  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 65%, lowering indoor temperatures on hot summer days. This can help reduce your need for air conditioning.
  • Block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from passing through windows. UV rays can fade furnishings over time.
  • Provide increased outdoor views through windows while still maintain privacy by obscuring visual lines of sight into your home.
  • Protect against glare from sunlight on electronic devices and artworks displayed near windows.
  • Help maintain consistent indoor temperatures which saves on heating and cooling costs year-round.

Solar screens achieve all these benefits through passive solar control without any need for electricity. Their simple, low-maintenance design makes them a popular green option for solar shading in Concord.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

For homeowners and businesses in Concord looking for multi-purpose window treatments, solar screens often serve dual purposes of solar control as well as privacy screening. Here's a breakdown of their main functions:

Solar Control Screens (Sunscreens)

Block solar heat gain and UV rays from directly entering indoor spaces. This lowers AC usage and indoor temperatures.

Privacy Screens

Provide visual obscuring to maintain privacy from outside viewers looking into the home through windows.

Help prevent potential window peepers or trespassers from seeing clearly into your property.

Dual Purpose Solar/Privacy Screens

Achieve both solar control benefits and increased privacy protection for windows in one screened product. Ideal for areas like bedrooms where you want sunlight blocking with an extra layer of visual screening.

So in summary, solar screens primarily manage solar heat and glare, while privacy screens focus on blocking visibility. But many solar screen options can fulfill both functions very well for whole-home exterior window protection.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The cost of professionally installed solar screens or privacy screens can vary depending on the size of the window area being covered, type of screen material used, and other factors like your location in Concord. However, here are some general price ranges to expect:

  • Basic aluminum solar screens start around $100-200 per single window installed. These provide good solar filtering at an affordable cost.
  • Mid-range vinyl-coated fiberglass screens range from $200-500 per window with better heat and glare resistance than aluminum.
  • High-performance solar screen meshes containing UV-resistant layers may cost $500-800 per window as they offer maximum solar blocking.
  • Large sliding glass doors see screen prices typically between $500-1000 for a professional installation.
  • Whole house solar screen package deals that cover all windows often give discounted rates, with total project costs falling anywhere from $3000-8000 on average depending on the house size.

It's important to get quotes from at least 3 reputable local contractors before deciding. Properly measuring window dimensions is also key for an accurate price estimate on premium materials like solar/privacy mesh screens. Quality products installed correctly will last 10-15+ years, paying off their investment over the long run through utility savings.

Solar Screens Installation Concord CA

To ensure solar screens and privacy screens function optimally safely and securely in Concord's climate, it's highly recommended to hire a licensed professional contractor for the installation process. Screen & Shade Solutions employs highly trained technicians experienced in:

  • Properly measuring and fitting screens tailored to each unique window dimension with no gaps or overlaps.
  • Installing durable mounting brackets, poles or fins anchored securely into the building frame or wall around windows.
  • Using only corrosion-resistant hardware suitable for withstanding exposure to Concord's coastal Bay Area weather elements.
  • Safely operating lift equipment as needed to install high-up windows on multi-story homes with no risk of falls or accidents.
  • Programming motorized solar screens for easy opening/closing control and scheduled operation if motorized roller tubes are chosen.
  • Cleaning and finishing the installation area when complete to the highest quality workmanship standards.

Proper installation is integral for solar screen longevity and dependability. It also ensures warranty coverage remains valid if any future screen repairs are ever needed down the road. Certified solar screen companies also supply post-installation maintenance services.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Concord CA

While solar and privacy screens simplify maintenance overall through their low-friction material surfaces, occasional cleaning is still recommended to maximize performance. Screen & Shade Solutions offers comprehensive cleaning for all household and commercial screen types installed through them in Concord area.

Their specialized solar screen cleaning involves:

  • High-pressure washing from outside of the screen mesh using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Gentle dusting or vacuuming of screen interiors from inside the home without need to remove screens.
  • Inspection for any damaged or loose screen components in need of repair or replacement.
  • Reapplying protective UV coatings on high-end solar screens as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning keeps screens filtering effectively while also maintaining a neat, dust-free appearance. Quarterly service intervals are usually sufficient to remove built-up dirt/debris during peak screens usage seasons in Concord. Scheduling routine cleans through the installation company saves time and ensures proper cleaning methods are followed to protect your investment.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Concord Screen Project

When hiring a contractor for an important solar control or privacy screen installation project, do thorough research to choose an experienced, reputable provider. Top things to check include:

  • Years in business providing quality screen services locally in Concord and surrounding cities.
  • Professional accreditations and licenses with the California Contractors State License Board.
  • Strong online reviews and testimonials highlighting attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
  • Installation portfolio photos and references you can contact to verify quality of past work.
  • Availability of full product warranties backed by the installation company.
  • Competitive pricing relative to market rates while not compromising on quality materials.
  • Expertise installing a range of solar/sun screen types to match your specific needs and property.

Screen & Shade Solutions stands out as a leading choice for Concord homeowners due to their credentials meeting all these checkpoint requirements, plus additional benefits below.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As one of the most trusted solar control and privacy screen contractors serving the Concord area for over years, here are some top reasons to choose Screen & Shade Solutions for your new screen installation:

  • Partnership with industry-leading screen manufacturers R Lang and Titan ensures only premium, top-rated materials are used.
  • Factory-trained and certified installers with extensive experience complete all projects to exacting standards.
  • Exclusive lifetime warranties provided on both materials and labor for comprehensive peace of mind.
  • Broad portfolio of stock and made-to-order screen options from basic to most sophisticated designs.
  • Knowledgeable staff available for free in-home consultations to recommend the ideal screening solution.
  • Accredited memberships in professional trade organizations promote most up-to-date screening practices.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction through responsive service after sales and ongoing maintenance programs.
  • Affordable financing options make paying for new screens more budget-friendly over time.

With an emphasis on exceptional service, quality craftsmanship and providing maximum year-round home comfort savings, Screen & Shade Solutions stands out as the preferred choice for trusted solar and privacy screens in the Concord area.