Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Grass Valley CA


Solar screens, also known as sun screens, are an effective way to reduce solar heat gain and glare entering your home through windows in Grass Valley, California. By installing solar screens on your windows, you can significantly improve indoor comfort and energy efficiency while still allowing natural light in.

Solar screens work by blocking a percentage of incoming solar radiation before it hits your windows. This helps keep interiors cooler and lowers air conditioning costs during hot summer months. They come in a variety of materials, tint colors and designs to suit different window and aesthetic needs.

Privacy Screens Grass Valley

Privacy screens are exterior or interior screens that are installed on windows or doors to provide visual privacy from neighbors, passersby or outdoors. While solar screens focus mainly on thermal regulation, privacy screens aim to block views in and out of the window area for increased security and seclusion.

Common applications of privacy screens include patio doors, sliding glass doors, windows facing streets or neighboring properties. They help prevent visual intrusion into your home while still allowing natural light passage. Like solar screens, privacy screens come in different styles, densities and materials to suit various privacy and visibility needs.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

Reduce solar heat gain: Solar screens installed on exterior sides of windows block a significant percentage (usually around 50-70%) of incoming solar radiation before it warms up interior spaces. This lowers air conditioning requirements and energy costs.

Improve indoor comfort: By blocking a major portion of solar heat, solar screens help keep indoor temperatures several degrees cooler than without screens. This significantly enhances thermal comfort inside homes.

Reduce window glare: Strong sunlight rays entering windows can cause uncomfortable glare issues. Solar screens effectively diffuse and reduce window glare inside rooms.

Preserve privacy: Privacy screens placed on the exterior or interior sides of windows help prevent visual intrusion into private living areas from outside. It provides a level of seclusion and security.

Allow natural light: While blocking outdoor views and heat, most solar and privacy screens still allow sufficient natural daylight into interior spaces for a bright, airy ambience. It doesn't make rooms dark.

Protect furnishings: The UV blocking properties of many solar screen materials help protect window furnishings, drapes and flooring from fading effects of strong sun exposure over the years.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens and privacy screens work on the principle of blocking or redirecting sunlight before it hits windows. They are made of specialized materials that can deflect, absorb or reflect incoming solar rays to varying degrees. Here's a brief overview of the basic workings:

Material composition: Common screen materials include aluminum, fiberglass, polyester, acrylic and vinyl among others. Each have different light transmission and solar heat blocking capabilities.

Weave & texture: The tightness of the woven screen fabric and its texture help determine how well it can block views and sunlight penetration. Finer weaves block more light.

Color tint: Many solar screens have a subtle color tint that allows light in while absorbing more of the infrared and UV heat spectrum for maximum solar control. Darker tints block more light.

Mesh pattern: The pattern of the screen mesh also impacts its performance. Smaller, more closely-spaced holes block more incoming light and heat rays from directly entering windows.

Mounting surface: Solar screens usually mount on window exteriors for maximum solar blocking before heat reaches glasses. Privacy screens can be interior or exterior mounted.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of high-quality solar and privacy screens in Grass Valley, CA ranges from $10-25 per square foot depending on the material, weave, mounting hardware and installation complexity involved. Some indicative costs include:

  • Aluminum solar screens: $15-25/sq ft
  • Fiberglass solar screens: $12-20/sq ft
  • Acrylic solar screens: $10-18/sq ft
  • Basic vinyl privacy screens: $8-15/sq ft
  • Decorative wood privacy screens: $15-30/sq ft

Additional factors that can influence screen prices are window size, need for returns/overlaps, motorized options, warranty coverage etc. For a typical home with 20-30 windows, total solar/privacy screening would range from $2,000-6,000 installed. Proper measurement of window sizes and quote comparisons are recommended.

Solar Screens Installation Grass Valley CA

Professional solar screen installation is highly recommended in Grass Valley to get long-lasting results that maximize energy savings. Some key aspects of a quality installation include:

  • Accurate measurements and custom-cutting of screen frames to achieve a perfectly snug fit for all windows.
  • Using high-grade mounting hardware like clips, brackets and track systems suitable for screen material and window type.
  • Careful mounting of screens in ideal positions - exterior for solar, interior/exterior for privacy.
  • Proper sealing and caulking around screen perimeters to prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Anchoring screens securely to withstand weather elements like wind, rain and sunlight exposure over years.
  • Providing installation/operating guides and warranty paperwork for client records.

Professional installers have expertise in properly installing different screen types for optimal performance. They ensure long-lasting, trouble-free functionality of solar control and privacy systems.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Grass Valley CA

Due to their outdoor exposure, solar screens require periodic cleaning to maintain their transparency and performance capabilities. Heavy dirt build-up can lower their sunlight blocking effectiveness over time. Professional solar screen cleaning services are available in Grass Valley which include:

  • Dry dusting/brushing of screens using soft-bristle brushes to remove surface dirt.
  • Low-pressure washing using a mild, pH-balanced cleaner solution to deep clean screen surfaces without damaging materials.
  • Rinsing thoroughly with clean water to remove all residue.
  • Letting screens air dry completely before customer pick up or replacement.
  • Additional services like inspection of frames/hardware, lubrication of moving parts if any.

Regular cleaning every 3-6 months depending on environmental conditions helps solar screens last many years while delivering maximum solar control benefits. It restores their aesthetic looks too. Call local experts for safe, reliable cleaning of screen systems.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Grass Valley Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When choosing an installation company for solar or privacy screens in Grass Valley, consider the following factors:

Experience - Look for a company with many years of expertise in screen installations specific to your area's weather conditions.

Certification - Check if they employ NABCEP-certified or WISA-certified screen technicians for quality assurance.

Products - Reputed brands like Chortex, Phifer, Solarfective etc will have robust, long-lasting materials suitable for Grass Valley.

Warranty - Ask about standard screen materials, workmanship and operating components warranties provided.

Permits - Verify if they acquire necessary building permits for installations as required by city codes.

Insurance - Get proof of liability insurance covering injuries during on-site work.

References - Ask for recent customer referrals to contact about satisfaction levels.

Estimates - Get competitive quotes basis proper dimension take-offs for a fair price point.

Doing due diligence to pick a well-established, experienced screen company boosts chances of a flawless installation meeting your needs and budget. Their after sales services also support long-term performance.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

Screen & Shade Solutions, located in Grass Valley, is a preferred choice for quality solar screens, security screens and shade products in the area. As a Titan Screens certified dealer working with reputed manufacturers like Phifer and LouverLock, some unique advantages include:

  • Over years of experience in commercial and residential screen applications.
  • NABCEP and WISA certified installation technicians with extensive product knowledge.
  • Customized solutions - Free in-house design consultations to recommend best suitable products.
  • Wide range of top brands and material options to suit all window sizes and needs.
  • Expert installations by skilled crews with attention to fine detail workmanship.
  • Standard 10 year pro-rated material and workmanship warranties.
  • prompt service/repairs under warranty coverage throughout product life.
  • Affordable financing options for major projects.
  • Free estimates, measurement services available for Grass Valley jobs.

With high quality products, integrity and industry expertise, Screen & Shade Solutions stands out as a trusted source for all your screening requirements at fair price points in the region. Their dedication towards customer satisfaction through every project phase makes them a preferred solar screen, privacy screen and shade supplier in Grass Valley.