Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Fairfield CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are becoming increasingly popular home additions for residents in Fairfield, CA looking to add extra privacy and energy efficiency to their homes. Solar screens work by restricting the amount of sunlight, heat, and glare that enters through windows while still allowing views of the outdoors. They are a versatile and attractive option for residents in Fairfield and the surrounding areas.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

Solar screens and privacy screens serve multiple important functions:

Block Sunlight and UV Rays: Solar screens help block up to 93% of solar heat and energy from entering your home through windows. This significantly reduces solar heat gain and cooling costs. They also block 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays which can help protect furnishings, flooring, and artwork from fading.

Increase Privacy: Privacy screens create a visual barrier that obstructs views in and out of windows while still allowing natural light indoors. This provides screening from nosey neighbors or passersby. Some solar screen styles even create a one-way mirror effect for increased security and discretion.

Control Glare: The tightly woven threads of solar screens help to diffuse and soften external sunlight before it enters your home. This eliminates harsh, distracting glare on electronic devices, TVs, and surfaces near windows.

Protect Furnishings: By blocking the sun's UV rays, solar screens prevent damage and fading to upholstery, carpets, drapes, and other furnishings near sunny windows. This protects your investment.

Energy efficient window coverings: As one of the most energy efficient window coverings available, solar screens help make homes more sustainable by reducing the need for air conditioning in warm months.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens and privacy screens work through passive solar control made possible by their unique tight weave design and exterior installation:

Weave: The tightly interwoven threads of solar/privacy screens are spaced close together to allow diffuse natural light in while blocking up to 93% of solar heat and glare.

Construction: Screens are firmly mounted on the exterior of windows using adjustable aluminum frames for a perfectly fitted, secure installation. This outdoor placement is crucial for maximum solar protection.

Diffusion: As sunlight hits the screens, it is instantly dispersed among the woven threads and diffused into a soft, balanced light entering indoors. No harsh sun or visibility issues occur.

Ventilation: Despite blocking out a high percentage of solar energy, solar screens still allow gentle cross breezes and airflow through windows when open, improving natural ventilation.

This passive, whole-window technology paired with precise outdoor installation is what enables solar screens to deliver superior solar control and energy performance for Fairfield, CA homes.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of installing solar or privacy screens on windows in Fairfield, CA can vary depending on the following factors:

Screen Type: Basic solar screens start around $150-250 per window installed, while decorative or dual-purpose screens may range $250-400 per window.

Window Size: Larger windows obviously require more material and installation time, increasing the cost per window. Expect to pay $25-50 more for double hung or slider windows.

Hardware/Frames: Premium powder-coated aluminum frames run $75-150 more per window versus basic frames. Reusing existing frames saves money.

Labor: Installation by professional contractors is $75-150 per installed window on average in Fairfield. DIY installation saves this cost but requires tools and expertise.

Extras: Automated or motorized screen options increase the initial investment but provide convenience functions. Expect to pay $100-300 more per automated window.

For a average sized single-family home with around 15-20 windows, expect to pay $2,000-4,500 total for a full solar screen installation depending on the specific material, style, and labor costs involved. However, screens typically pay for themselves in energy savings within a few years.

Solar Screens Installation Fairfield CA

When installing solar or privacy screens locally in Fairfield, it's best to use a professional screened in window contractor with extensive experience assessing window types and home installation requirements. Some key steps in the install process include:

Site Evaluation: Contractors will thoroughly measure each window to be screened, analyzing framing and window operation types.

Material Sourcing/Ordering: The exact screens, frames, and hardware specified for each window application are then ordered.

Preparation: Existing window trim, weatherstripping or other parts may need adjustment before screens are fitted.

Precision Fitting: Solar screen frames and screens are expertly installed using mounting brackets fitted to window profiles on the exterior.

Adjustments: Screens are adjusted for an optimized tight fit and proper operation/closure if tilting in/out or sliding windows are present.

Finishing: Final touches like silicone caulking around frames complete the professional looking installation.

Most solar screen contractors in Fairfield guarantee a perfect fit and finish of framed solar screens that provide long-lasting solar control performance. Quality installation is key for maximum window screening benefits.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Fairfield CA

To maintain the effectiveness and aesthetics of installed solar or privacy screens, routine cleaning is important. Fortunately, many local solar screen contractors in Fairfield, CA offer regular maintenance cleaning services to keep screens performing at their peak. Some benefits of regular screen cleaning include:

Restored Solar Performance: Over time, dirt, dust and other debris can build up on screen surfaces and reduce their solar blocking ability by up to 10%. Professional cleaning fully restores blocking performance.

Prolonged Screen Life: Regular rinsing and wiping prevents damaging effects of dirt buildup like screen thread degradation or accelerated fading of materials like vinyl coated mesh.

Sparkling Appearance: Cleaning solar screens revitalizes their vibrant colors and details, leaving an impressively refreshed look around windows.

Prevent Mildew/Mold Growth: Screens can trap moisture against the window if dirty, increasing risk of mildew damage over time. Regular cleaning reduces this possibility.

Most reputable solar screen contractors in Fairfield offer monthly, bimonthly or seasonal cleaning packages customized to the needs and budget of each homeowner. All necessary equipment is used to ensure a deep exterior cleaning of all screen surfaces for long-lasting protection and pride of ownership.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Fairfield Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting a company for your Fairfield home's solar/privacy screen installation, here are some key qualifications to look for:

Experience: Check years the company has provided screen services and number/variety of past projects as indicators of expertise. Ask for references.

Certification/Licensing: Reputable professionals maintain proper state certification and carry liability insurance for your protection.

Screen Options: A wide choice of screen styles, hardware types and automated options ensures you can find the best solution.

Warranty: Quality products and work should be backed with comprehensive multi-year warranty coverage on materials and labor.

Custom Service: Expect options for custom screen colors, frames or functions to best fit your home's individual windows and needs.

Maintenance: Year-round maintenance/cleaning services will protect your screen investment and ensure consistent performance long-term.

By choosing an experienced, full-service screened in window contractor for your Fairfield solar/privacy screen needs, you can be confident in a professional grade install and dependable long-term results.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

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  • Certified professional install teams handle all screen types including large multi-panel commercial projects.
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  • Commitment to sustainability through superior solar control products that reduce energy consumption.

With highly skilled solar/privacy screen experts and emphasis on custom services, Screen & Shade Solutions is a top choice for all your screened in window needs locally in Fairfield, CA. Their quality products, installations and services deliver tangible rewards year-round.