Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Jackson CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are becoming increasingly popular home additions in Jackson, CA and the surrounding Sacramento area. As homeowners look for eco-friendly and energy-efficient ways to control heat and glare in their homes, solar screens have emerged as an effective solution. Made of durable mesh fabrics that allow airflow and visibility while blocking up to 95% of solar heat gain, solar screens are a versatile option for both windows and doors.

In Jackson and the surrounding communities, solar screens provide multiple benefits for both interior comfort and energy savings. The hot northern California climate brings plenty of sunny days, but all that sunshine streaming through windows can raise indoor temperatures significantly. Solar screens act as a barrier to the sun's rays, helping to keep interiors up to 15 degrees cooler even on the hottest summer days. This translates to reduced need for air conditioning and lower utility bills.

Privacy Screens Jackson

In addition to solar screens, privacy screens have also grown in popularity among Jackson homeowners. Constructed of opaque materials like aluminum, wood or rigid mesh panels, privacy screens are designed to shield views in or out of windows while still allowing airflow and natural light. They provide an attractive, customizable way to gain privacy without blocking light or ventilation.

Common placements for privacy screens in Jackson homes include bathroom windows, garage openings, and entryway or patio doors where a level of screening is desired. With creative styles and designs available, privacy screens can also be an elegant design element that complements a home's aesthetic. As with solar screens, privacy screens help insulate interiors and reduce cooling costs while maintaining comfort and security through filtered airflow and views.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

At their core function, both solar screens and privacy screens act as a barrier or filter between the outdoors and indoors. Their key roles include:

Block solar heat gain - Solar screens utilize tightly-woven shade fabrics that allow natural light in while reflecting up to 95% of direct solar radiation. This significantly reduces indoor heat buildup from sunny windows.

Provide privacy - Privacy screens use solid or opaque screen materials to visually shield windows, doors and other openings from both outward and inward views as desired.

Allow airflow and ventilation - The mesh-like materials used in screens allow air to pass through freely while blocking light, heat and visual access. This maintains cross ventilation and comfort.

Diminish glare - Sunscreens help diffuse and reduce harsh glare from direct sunlight that can cause discomfort, fading and overheating.

Insulate interiors - By impeding solar heat transfer, screens insulate indoor spaces and reduce temperature fluctuations that drive air conditioning usage.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

The mechanics behind how solar and privacy screens function are relatively simple:

  • Solar screens utilize tightly-knit mesh fabrics, often made from polyester, aluminum or fiberglass. These woven materials have very small openings that allow light to pass through while reflecting radiant heat away from windows. Key factors are the weave density (threads per inch) and the type of material - options like aluminum reflect over 90% of infrared heat for maximum performance.
  • Privacy screens use solid paneling materials like aluminum, rigid mesh, wood or vinyl. Their design blocks outward views completely for high levels of visual screening and privacy as desired. Some mesh options allow diffused light and airflow to pass through partially.
  • Whether attached outdoors over windows/doors or mounted indoors, screens work by physically blocking or filtering sunlight, heat and visibility. Installed professionally, they provide durable, reliable and low-maintenance barrier solutions for heat, glare and privacy control.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The cost of solar screens and privacy screens can vary depending on factors like the type and quality of materials, professional installation requirements, and the number and sizes of windows/doors to be screened. However, here are some general cost guidelines for the Jackson, CA area:

  • Basic aluminum solar screens start around $100-150 per single pane window installed.
  • Fiberglass or top-quality solar screens range $200-300 per window installed.
  • Larger bay windows, double hung windows or sliding glass doors start at $300-500 installed.
  • Exterior roll-down sunscreens for large openings are $1,000-3,000 depending on size.
  • Privacy screens made from rigid mesh or vinyl panels range $150-300 per standard sized 32x40" screen installed.
  • Custom made wood privacy screens start at $300-500 per screen, more for larger sizes.

On average, expect to pay $100-300 per standard window for basic solar or privacy screening installed. Larger windows, specialty materials, and full home bundling packages offer discounts. Multipane solutions may take longer and cost more for professional installation and materials.

Solar Screens Installation Jackson CA

Screen installation is always recommended to be handled by qualified professionals to ensure correct, secure mounting and optimal performance. Some local professionals offering solar screen installation in Jackson and surrounding Sacramento suburbs include:

Screen & Shade Solutions - Known for quality solar screens by R Lang, Screen & Shade Solutions provides free estimates and offers bundling discounts. They are experts in both interior and exterior screens.

Sunray Screens - Specializing in solar screens, Sunray Screens has over 30 years experience and a reputation for craftsmanship. They provide financing options for screening projects.

Window View Solar Screens - With locations throughout Sacramento, Window View handles expert installation of solar screens, sun shades and security screens. Their proinstallers ensure trouble-free set-up.

Sunfinity Window Screens - Based in Elk Grove, Sunfinity offers solar screens made from breathable Alpine mesh to keep interiors 15 degrees cooler. They provide lifetime guarantees on workmanship.

Reputable companies will properly size, measure and fit screens securely per manufacture guidelines. Expect the installation process to take 1-2 hours per typical window on average.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Jackson CA

To maintain their protective functionality, solar screens will need periodic cleaning depending on environmental factors like dust and pollution levels. Prompt cleaning is especially important after construction projects or during wildfire season. Some professional solar screen cleaning companies in the Jackson area include:

Screen Bright Cleaning - Offers both residential and commercial solar screen and window cleaning using gentle, residue-free methods that won’t damage delicate screen materials.

Sparkling Screens Cleaning - Specializes in solar screens and uses pure water for a thorough yet delicate clean. They service Jackson and Sacramento County.

Shine Cleaning Solutions - Provides professional steam cleaning and pressure washing of all exterior window treatments including solar screens. Their technicians are fully insured.

Solar Clean CA - A solar panel and screen cleaning specialist, Solar Clean uses soft bristle brush attachments to gently remove dirt, pollen and other buildup.

Expect to pay $75-150 on average for a basic one-time cleaning of solar screens on a typical single family home in Jackson, depending on the number of screened windows and accessibility. Annual cleaning contracts offer discounts.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Sacramento Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting an installation or cleaning contractor for solar or privacy screening projects, there are some key factors to consider:

Experience - Look for contractors with 5+ years in the screening industry and positive online reviews or referrals.

Warranties - Reputable companies will provide multi-year limited warranties on materials and workmanship.

Credentials - Check that installers are properly licensed, bonded and insured for liability should any issues arise.

Variety of products - The ability to offer various screening options from different manufacturers means they've vetted products to suit diverse needs.

Services - Choose a full-service company that handles both installation and ongoing cleaning and repairs as part of routine maintenance services.

Estimates - Get quotes from 3+ contractors to compare pricing, proposed solutions and timelines to find a fair value.

Thorough research helps ensure selecting a reliable screening partner who will deliver professional, high-quality results and stand behind their work long-term. Ask about membership in vetted industry associations too.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As a leader in the solar screen industry for over years, Screen & Shade Solutions in Jackson has earned a strong reputation for exceptional service, meticulous installation standards and quality solar and privacy screening options. Some advantages of choosing them for your screening project include:

  • Partnered with renowned manufacturers R Lang, Titan and Soltec for best-in-class screen materials.
  • Factory trained and certified installation professionals with comprehensive knowledge of all products.
  • Provides multiple financing options and bundling discounts for complete home screening packages.
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor solar screen mounting compatible with any window type.
  • Services the wider Sacramento region including Jackson, Fair Oaks and beyond.
  • Samples available to test various materials and weaves for optimal sun control and privacy levels.
  • Trusted cleaning and repair services maintain equipment performance long-term.
  • Industry experience ensures proper sizing, templates and installation methods are followed precisely.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Screen & Shade Solutions delivers quality solar screen and privacy screen results backed by excellent service. Their experts can recommend the right solution tailored to any local home or commercial building.