Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Merced CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are an eco-friendly way to reduce heat gain and block unwanted solar rays from directly entering your home through windows in Merced, CA. Made of durable yet lightweight materials like aluminum, vinyl, or screens/mesh, solar screens offer valuable benefits for both energy savings and privacy. Installed on the exterior of windows, solar screens in Merced work to reflect, diffuse, and absorb solar radiation before it turns into unwanted heat inside your home. This helps regulate indoor temperatures naturally without heavy-duty blinds or blackout curtains that can also block desirable natural light.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens work through a combination of reflection, absorption, and diffusion. Most solar screen materials are coated with reflective metals like aluminum that bounce sunlight away from windows. The sun's radiation that isn't reflected is then absorbed and dissipated as heat. Any light able to pass through is diffused across the screen mesh rather than allowed through as intense rays. This softened, dispersed light is far less likely to overheat interior spaces.

Privacy screens operate on a similar principle, using tightly woven mesh or slatted designs to block direct outward views for increased seclusion without fully obstructing natural daylight. By installing solar or privacy screens on windows facing west, south, and east exposures especially, you can achieve climate control and prevent overlooked areas around your Merced home or business.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

Beyond temperature regulation, solar screens and privacy screens provide these key benefits:

Reduce heating and cooling costs. By blocking a significant portion of solar gain through windows, solar screens lower demand on HVAC systems in Merced. This results in more energy savings over time.

Preserve view visibility. Unlike opaque treatments, solar screens allow the retention of exterior views even while blocking solar rays. This is preferable for homes or offices with scenic outlooks.

Protect furnishings from fading. By blocking up to 97% of UV rays according to research, solar screens help safeguard indoor fabrics, wood, and artwork from damage over years of exposure that can cause fading and discoloration.

Increase security and privacy. Privacy screens installed on ground floor windows or sliders create an extra barrier to prevent peeping or unwanted access into the home. Combined with other security upgrades, they add an extra layer of safety for Merced residents.

Help control allergens and dust. The tightly woven mesh of solar and privacy screens creates a barrier that blocks entry for pollen, dust mites, and other indoor air pollutants. This makes them a smart choice for allergy and asthma sufferers.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The expense of installing solar or privacy screens in Merced, CA can vary based on material type, window sizes, complexity of the installation, and the contractor selected for the job. However, rough estimates for common screen project costs include:

  • Vinyl frame solar screens average $200-300 per window installed.
  • Aluminum frame solar screens generally range from $300-500 per window.
  • For large commercial-grade solar screens, expect $15-25 per square foot.
  • Simple privacy screen panels are $75-150 each installed for standard sizes.

Complex multi-panel articulating privacy screens range from $250-500 per panel installed.

On average, expect to pay anywhere from $100-1000 per window depending on the above factors, order size, and optional features like motorization. Larger whole-house solar screen packages usually save 10-15% on product and labor vs piecemeal installation over time as well. Proper installation is key, so choosing a reputable local Merced contractor through Screen & Shade Solutions ensures quality workmanship and warranty protection on your valuable investment.

Solar Screens Installation Merced CA

When installing solar or privacy screens through a professional like Screen & Shade Solutions, the process typically takes a few steps:

Free in-home consultation - Measure all windows, discuss material/design options, and get a written estimate.

Template creation - Templates capturing exact window dimensions are made for precision screen fabrication.

Manufacturing and pre-assembly - Your custom order is made, pre-fitted, and QC checked.

Installation appointment - The installation crew arrives on the set date to complete the process.

Installation - Screens are professionally mounted, adjusted, and tested per manufacture specs.

Customer demonstration - Proper use, cleaning/care options are reviewed before signing off.

A single technician can install 1-4 standard size windows per day depending on complexity. Larger crews can often complete whole home projects within 1-3 days. All necessary permits, safety compliance, and warranties are provided through reputable local companies like Screen & Shade Solutions for maximum protection and satisfaction.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Merced CA

To maintain performance longevity of solar and privacy screens in Merced's weather conditions, periodic professional cleaning is recommended beyond basic dusting. Screen & Shade Solutions offers affordable cleaning packages tailored to residential and commercial properties starting at $99.

Typical cleaning involves:

  • Low-pressure washing of screen surfaces from the exterior
  • Use of non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaners safe for all materials
  • Removal of surface dirt, pollen, dust buildup, grime
  • Inspection for any damage or repairs needed
  • Touch-up of screen frames or components as required
  • Written report on screen condition and recommendations

Having the solar sun and privacy shades properly cleaned every 6-12 months depending on environment helps restore their reflective and blocking properties for maximum continued energy savings and function protecting window views and interiors long-term. Reputable installers like Screen & Shade Solutions offer cleaning add-ons for complete maintenance solutions.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Merced Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting an accredited solar screen or privacy screen installer in Merced, look for these key attributes and qualifications:

  • Licensed, bonded, and fully insured with liability coverage. Check online reviews too.
  • Manufacturer certifications and accreditations with major brands like Phifer, C/S, and Larson.
  • Experienced team with IPC or equivalent training qualifications.
  • Able to provide full product warranties as long as years for labor and materials.
  • Carries an inventory of top-quality stock for quick custom orders as needed.
  • Provides detailed proposals, estimates, and contracts up front with full project scope.
  • Will pull necessary permits, dispose debris properly, and clean work areas.
  • Offers money-back guarantees, callbacks, and multi-point inspections on all jobs.
  • Has affordable maintenance, repair services, and ongoing support after installation.

Screen & Shade Solutions meets all these vetting requirements as one of the most trusted local experts specializing in residential and commercial solar screens, security screens, and energy efficient window treatment solutions throughout Merced for nearly a decade.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As a preferred local installer of sunscreens, privacy screens, security screens, and shade products from major brands like Phifer, C/S, and Titan, Screen & Shade Solutions stands out for:

  • Workmanship backed by manufacturers' limited lifetime warranties on all materials and finishes.
  • Factory trained and certified installation technicians with years industry experience.
  • Attention to detail, quality control, and expert product knowledge.
  • Always pulling necessary permits for code compliance and your full protection.
  • Affordable financing options including 0% APR up to 24 months on select projects.
  • Standing by work through personal inspections, callbacks, and ongoing support as needed at no extra cost.
  • Bulk inventory of stock for quick shipping on custom screen orders to minimize lead times.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed through ratings, online reviews, and reputation serving all of Merced County for over a decade.

To learn more about solar screening options available or schedule your free in-home estimate, contact the experts at Screen & Shade Solutions today. Their team of Merced solar screen specialists will help you choose the ideal sun protection to boost your comfort, savings, and privacy for years to come.