Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Modesto CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are exterior window attachments that help block out sunlight and provide privacy without completely obstructing views like traditional window treatments. They are a popular option for homes and businesses located in sunny areas like Modesto, CA where controlling solar heat gain and excess sunlight is important.

Solar screens work by utilizing a fine mesh made of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or composite polyester that is installed on the exterior of windows. This mesh blocks a significant amount of sunlight and solar heat from directly entering your home while still allowing natural light to filter in. It reduces solar heat gain by up to 78%, helping lower energy costs associated with cooling.

The mesh design also helps mitigate fading and damage to expensive furniture, flooring, electronics and fabric interiors caused by direct UV exposure over long periods of time. Solar screens provide privacy without fully blocking views out. They give the look of slightly frosted windows from inside your home.

Privacy Screens Modesto

Privacy screens serve a similar function to solar screens but are more focused on blocking visual access rather than solar heat gain. They install on the exterior of windows with a tighter, denser weave that filters less natural light but provides more visual privacy.

Privacy screens are a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms where a higher level of privacy is desired without needing to keep blinds or curtains closed all the time. The mesh is finely woven from materials like aluminum or polyester to obscure views in both directions while maintaining airflow.

Privacy screens allow natural light to filter in for a brighter interior environment compared to tightly drawn window coverings. They preserve views partially out while obscuring visual details from any outdoor onlookers. This makes them a preferable choice over unsightly window tinting or foil for many Modesto homeowners seeking both natural light and discretion.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar and privacy screens work through a simple but effective installation process:

  • The screen mesh is cut to fit perfectly within each window frame it will cover.
  • Special fasteners are used to securely but non-destructively attach the screen panel to the exterior window casement, above or beside it.
  • The mesh is tensioned firmly during installation to block light transmission as effectively as possible without buckling or sagging over time.
  • Edge profiles cover the perimeter of each screen panel to protect the mesh edges from damage or deterioration during regular cleaning and generalwear and tear.

Once installed, solar and privacy screens take advantage of basic optical physics. Their finely woven wire or thread mesh blocks direct solar rays with its tiny openings while still allowing diffused natural daylight to pass through at an angle. This achieves significant heat and light reduction with minimal visual obstruction.

Regular maintenance like occasional cleaning keeps solar screens operating at peak performance. Proper installation is critical for optimal performance and a long lifespan of 10-15+ years. Qualified contractors ensure correct fitting and mounting to withstand weather elements.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of professionally installed solar or privacy screens can range from $150 - $350 per window depending on factors like:

  • Screen material (aluminum vs. composite)
  • Window size (width x height)
  • Number of windows covered
  • Extra features like motorization

For an average single-family home with 10-20 standard sized windows, total screen installation costs usually fall in the range of $1,500 - $5,000 depending on the specific home and screens.

Material costs alone are usually quite affordable - around $50-100 per screen - but professional measuring, cutting and installation drives total prices up significantly. Complex curves or custom shapes may also incur higher material waste and labor fees. Motorized or "disappearing" screen systems are substantially more expensive.

Over time, the energy and sun damage protection of solar screens usually outweighs their upfront cost through long term savings on utility bills and furniture/flooring replacement. This makes them a worthwhile investment that often pays for itself within 5-7 years or less.

Solar Screens Installation Modesto CA

Professional solar screen installation is always recommended for optimum performance and trouble-free operation. Qualified contractors in Modesto like Screen & Shade Solutions will:

  • Thoroughly measure each window opening to ensure a precise, custom-tailored screen fit. Mismeasuring can lead to gaps, sagging or buckling.
  • Use high grade installation fasteners engineered to last through years of weather exposure without damage to window frames.
  • Tension each screen precisely during mounting for maximum light diffusion without distortion or sagging over time.
  • Cover all edges and vulnerable areas like joinings with protective edge profiles to safeguard the mesh long term.
  • Ensure flush, seamless mounting right on window frames without obstructing operation or creating safety hazards during regular function.
  • Provide training on regular cleaning/maintenance requirements to preserve warranty coverage and optimal light blocking performance.

Proper installation is key for solar screens to be weatherproof, easy to operate and effective for 10+ years without costly repairs or early replacement. Contractors ensure this through expertise, experience, and using durable, corrosion-resistant mounting systems.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Modesto CA

Periodic cleaning helps solar screens in Modesto maintain peak light-blocking efficiency over their lifespan. While generally low-maintenance, a buildup of dust, pollen and dirt on the mesh can compromise function. Specialty cleaning services are recommended versus DIY washing:

  • Professional cleaners use safe, non-abrasive solutions formulated for delicate screen materials without residue.
  • Their extendable pole tools reach even very tall and hard-to-access screens efficiently and neatly without needing ladders.
  • Mesh damage from clumsy washing is avoided through trained technician care and certified cleaning methods.
  • Full cleaning includes edge moldings, hinges, joints and other vulnerable areas neglected during spot-cleaning.
  • Regular 6-12 month professional cleaning maintains warranty eligibility and optimal 90%+ light reduction performance.

Reliable services power wash, scrub, rinse and fully dry screens in 1-2 hours per visit for a clean like-new result. Costs average $75-150 per cleaning depending on home size. This small investment protects a much larger initial screen installation cost.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Modesto Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting a reputable Modesto contractor for solar screens, consider:

  • Years of experience installing various screen systems on residential and commercial projects.
  • Manufacturer certifications for products installed to ensure quality, safety compliance and warranty coverage.
  • Sample installations customers can view firsthand and positive online reviews.
  • A portfolio demonstrating expertise with multi-window residential and commercial installs.
  • Licensed, insured status with the California Contractors State License Board.
  • Clear, straightforward estimates without hidden fees or unexpected charges.
  • Workmanship warranty of 5+ years covering defects and installation failures.
  • Readily available for questions, maintenance needs and quick repairs/replacements.
  • Using durable, corrosion-resistant mounting hardware engineered to last 10-25 years.

Choosing a specialist ensures professional installation, materials, support and peace of mind with an important exterior investment like solar or privacy screens.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As a leading Modesto manufacturer and installation partner of top solar screen brands like R Lang, Screen & Shade Solutions has performed countless successful residential and commercial projects locally. All work is backed by industry-leading warranties and their team of NAWCC-certified technicians.

Some reasons to choose Screen & Shade Solutions for Modesto solar or privacy screen needs include:

  • Over years in business with 5000+ installations and a long-standing A+ BBB rating.
  • Partner of premium European brands R Lang and Titan for ultimate durability and performance.
  • Measurement, design, fabrication and installation managed entirely in-house for seamlessness.
  • California licensed contractors with all employees background checked and safety certified.
  • Custom fitting for windows of any dimension, material or construction complexity.
  • 5-year workmanship warranty on labor and up to lifetime on select screen materials.
  • Full maintenance plans available including guaranteed cleaning response within 48 hours.
  • Ability to integrate with motorized shade systems and control via phone apps if desired.
  • Thorough support after sale including repairs, replacements, cleaning and general guidance.

Screen & Shade Solutions offers Modesto residents superior quality, service and value through product expertise, affordable estimates and reliable long term support. Their specialized systems deliver proven energy savings, security and privacy year-round.