Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Placerville CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are a great way to help reduce solar heat gain and UV light transmission into homes and buildings located in hot climates like Placerville, California. As the sun rises higher in the sky during summer months, solar screens can make a big difference in keeping interior spaces more comfortable by blocking out a significant portion of the sun's radiant heat and damaging UV rays. There are several solar screen installation companies in Placerville, CA that offer high-quality solar screens tailored for the local climate.

Privacy Screens Placerville

In addition to providing sun protection, privacy screens installed on windows are another popular exterior window treatment option for Placerville homes. Privacy screens allow natural light into a room while still providing visual screening from the outside. This makes them a good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms where a degree of privacy is desired without completely blocking out views or natural light. Screen & Shade Solutions is one of the top providers of custom solar screens and privacy screens for windows in Placerville, California.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

Solar screens and privacy screens serve different but complementary purposes. Solar screens are designed primarily to reduce solar heat gain and block UV rays. They work by creating a barrier that the sun's radiant infrared and visible light must pass through on its way into the home. Material choices for solar screens focus on their ability to reflect, absorb or diffuse sunlight. Privacy screens provide visual concealment from the exterior while still allowing natural light transmission. The open lattice or mesh design of privacy screens block views in while letting light through.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens work through a combination of reflection, absorption and diffusion. Reflective solar screens use metallic fabrics that bounce sunlight back outside before it can enter the home. Absorptive screens soak up infrared heat with dark colors before it transmits indoors. Diffusive screens contain tiny air pockets, fibers or mesh that scatter sunlight in many directions so it loses intensity and heat potential upon entering. Privacy screens utilize closely-spaced horizontal and vertical elements like aluminum, steel or rigid vinyl in an open lattice pattern. The spaces between the elements allow light to filter through while blocking outward views from certain angles.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of installing solar screens or privacy screens on windows in Placerville can range from $200 to $800 or more per window, depending on the size of the window and type of screen material used. Some factors that impact the price include:

Screen material - Aluminum is most affordable but heavier-duty stainless steel or bronze will cost more

Window size - Larger windows require more material and labor for installation

Frame style - Casement or double hung windows are simpler than unusual bay or bow window styles

Labor - Installation by a professional contractor adds to the base screen material costs

Additional features - Automated or motorized screens have higher price tags than stationary screens

For homeowners looking for solar sun screens Placerville or solar shade screens Placerville to install themselves, basic extruded aluminum frame screens can be purchased for $50-$150 each depending on size, while professionally installed screens average $200-$800 depending on material and window complexity. Over time, quality solar screens can save on energy costs from reduced cooling needs.

Solar Screens Installation Placerville CA

When hiring a contractor for solar screens installation Placerville CA, it's important to use an experienced company that understands local building codes and can properly measure, fit and securely fasten the screens. Proper installation is key to the screens functioning optimally and remaining in place over years of exposure to the elements. Reputable companies like Screen & Shade Solutions guarantee their work and have liability insurance in case of installation issues. They use durable mounting hardware designed to withstand wind and normal wear and tear without loosening over time.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Placerville CA

Just like regular windows, solar screens will accumulate dirt, dust and grime over time that can diminish their effectiveness if not periodically cleaned. Screen & Shade Solutions offers solar screens cleaning services in Placerville to help maintain maximum performance. A professional cleaning involves removing the screens and using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and soft brush or microfiber cloth to remove built-up contaminants from the screen material. This extends the life of the screens and restores maximum light diffusion and sun blocking capabilities.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Placerville Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When choosing a contractor for solar window screens Placerville or solar screens for windows in Placerville, consider the following factors:

Years of experience installing various screen types - A company with a proven track record will do a better job.

Portfolio of past projects - Seeing examples of their work helps evaluate quality and attention to detail.

Warranty offered - Reputable companies stand behind their work with multi-year material and installation warranties.

Licenses and insurance - The contractor should have the proper state licensing and carry liability insurance coverage.

References from past clients - Check reviews and testimonials online or ask for referrals.

Estimates - Get quotes from 3-4 contractors to compare materials, labor costs and timelines.

Brands and materials offered - Make sure they can provide high-quality brands like Solarscreens or Phifer screens.

Finding the right experienced contractor the first time ensures the best possible solar screen or privacy screen installation for your Placerville home. Screen & Shade Solutions in Placerville is one of the top recommended local experts.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As one of the premier solar screen and privacy screen installation companies in Placerville, Screen & Shade Solutions stands out for several key reasons:

  • Over years in business with an A+ rating on BBB serving Placerville and surrounding areas.
  • Expertise installing all major brands like Solarscreens, Phifer, BASF and R Lang for optimal performance.
  • Proper Permitting, licensing and insured with workman's compensation.
  • 5-year material and installation warranty protection against defects.
  • Custom-fit solar window screens Placerville and privacy screens engineered for any window type.
  • Affordable prices and flexible payment plan options.
  • Free on-site estimates from professionals with industry product knowledge.
  • Ongoing screen maintenance and cleaning services to maximize lifespan.

For durable, professionally-installed solar screens near me or solar screens for windows near me, homeowners can depend on Screen & Shade Solutions to provide high quality products, exemplary service and stand behind their work.