Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Plumas Lake CA


Living in Plumas Lake, CA means enjoying lots of sunshine year-round. However, excessive heat and UV rays entering your home through windows can increase your energy bills and fade furnishings. That's where solar screens come in. As one of the top solar screen and privacy screen companies in Plumas Lake, Screen & Shade Solutions works with leading manufacturers like R Lang and Titan to provide high-quality solar screens for windows.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

Solar screens, also called sun screens, are designed to block unwanted heat and UV rays from directly entering your home through windows during warm weather months. They work both as a solar screen and privacy screen by allowing a view out while preventing people on the outside from seeing clearly inside.

There are a few key things solar screens do:

Reduce Heat Gain - By blocking direct sunlight, solar screens can help regulate interior temperatures and reduce air conditioning costs. Tests show they can reduce heat gain by up to 65%.

Block UV Rays - The mesh material used in solar screens provides 99% UV blockage, protecting furniture, flooring and other items from fading.

Increase Privacy - The woven pattern of the screen mesh allows a filtered view outside while maintaining privacy by not allowing a clear view inside from the outside.

Energy Efficient - By blocking solar heat gain, less energy needs to be used for cooling which leads to lower utility bills.

In addition to their solar benefits, privacy screens provide an extra layer of security by restricting visibility into your home from the outside without completely blocking natural light.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar screens typically consist of a tightly woven mesh made of materials like aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel. The mesh is mounted in front of windows using a frame system. Here's a closer look at how they work:

Weave Design - The threads are interlaced at precise angles and distances to allow maximum airflow and light transmission while blocking direct sunlight and heat. Finer mesh provides better solar blockage.

Material - Aluminum is a popular durable choice that conducts heat away. Fiberglass and stainless steel resist corrosion in coastal environments. Mesh color also impacts performance - darker colors absorb more solar energy.

Mounting System - Screens securely fasten to existing windows or sliding glass doors using frames or tracks. Some models use magnetic strips for easy removal during cleaning. Proper installation is important for optimal solar blocking.

Airflow - The mesh pattern allows ample cross ventilation so rooms don't get stuffy on hot days. Air can flow through the screen for cooling ventilation while blocking solar gain.

By providing a barrier between intense sunlight and the indoors, solar screens keep interior spaces up to 20°F cooler than without a screen installed. They make a noticeable difference in interior comfort through natural window shading.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of professionally installed solar screens can vary depending on the following factors:

Screen Size - Larger windows will generally cost more than smaller windows. Expect to pay around $200-$400 per average sized window.

Material - Aluminum screens provide good performance at a lower cost than stainless steel or fiberglass screens which offer increased durability.

Mounting Method - Screens that mount between existing window panes are less expensive than exterior mounted frames. Magnetic screens are also more affordable to install.

Automation - Motorized screens operated by remote control or app will increase the price over manual screens.

Area - Projects in Plumas Lake, CA usually range from $1,500-$4,500 for a single family home depending on the home size. Larger commercial buildings will cost more.

When getting quotes, be sure to compare specifications, warranties and included services like cleaning, repair and ongoing maintenance plans. Reputable companies in Plumas Lake like Screen & Shade Solutions offer financing options and bundled deals for multi-window installations. Overall solar screen costs typically pay for themselves within 3-5 years through energy savings.

Solar Screens Installation Plumas Lake CA

For optimum performance and safety, it's highly recommended to hire a professional solar screen installation company. Screen & Shade Solutions only works with fully licensed and insured solar screen installers who undergo extensive product and installation training. Here's an overview of the installation process:

Measurement - Technicians will accurately measure all windows to ensure a proper custom fit for frames and screens. Proper sizing is critical.

Preparation - Existing windows may need cleaning or repairs prior to installation. The area is also cleaned and prepped.

Mounting Method - Screens can be mounted inside existing frames, outside using new exterior frames, or with invisible edge clips or magnetic strips.

Material Cutting - Screens are cut to size using specialty equipment ensuring tight tolerances and perfect fits.

Assembly - Frames are assembled and screens are stretched tightly and installed into the frames securely.

Installation - The assembled screens and frames are expertly installed into place on the windows.

Adjustments - Screens are adjusted for optimal performance and tension ensuring proper operation.

Demonstration - Customers are shown how to use, clean and maintain their new solar screens properly.

Screen & Shade Solutions stands behind all installations with a limited lifetime warranty and guarantee on workmanship. Proper installation results in long-lasting solar screens versus potential issues from DIY projects.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Plumas Lake CA

To maintain maximum effectiveness, solar screens need regular cleaning—about 2-4 times per year depending on environment conditions. Screen & Shade Solutions provides a premium annual cleaning service plan tailored for the Plumas Lake climate. Here's what the process entails:

Thorough Washing - Technicians scrub both sides of each screen with a gentle, biodegradable solution to remove dirt, pollen, debris and other build up.

Rinsing - Screens are rinsed thoroughly with clean water to remove all residue ensuring proper functioning.

Inspection - Screens are closely examined for any damage or issues which are noted for repair or replacement as needed.

Refurbishment - Any worn or broken sections of frames or mesh are repaired to like-new condition.

Re-tensioning - Screens are re-tensioned on frames to optimize solar blocking.

Notes & Adjustments - Service records are updated and recommendations made for any necessary adjustments.

Protection - Final applications of treatments protect against corrosion and reduce future build-up.

This annual proactive maintenance helps solar screens last 5-10 years even in Plumas Lake's harsh climate. Contact Screen & Shade Solutions for affordable cleaning packages.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Plumas Lake Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting a contractor for solar screens in Plumas Lake, it's important to consider:

Experience - Look for a company with many years in the industry and positive client feedback. Screen & Shade Solutions has over 30 years in the Sacramento area.

Workmanship Guarantee - Reputable companies stand behind their work and products with long-term warranties.

Licensing and Insurance - Only hire fully licensed, bonded and insured solar screen contractors. Unlicensed work can void manufacturer warranties.

Product Availability - Work with a company that carries top brand screens from companies like R Lang & Titan with a wide assortment of styles and options.

Services - Choose a full-service provider for items like measurements, installation, maintenance and repairs for hassle-free solar protection.

Cost - Get estimates from multiple sources, but don't sacrifice quality for lower initial price which may result in repeat repairs.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

As a trusted name in the Plumas Lake area since 1987, Screen & Shade Solutions sets itself apart through:

Dedicated Solar Screen Department - A specialty team solely focused on solar/sun screen needs.

Premier Brand Selection - Carries top options from R Lang, Titan and more with many frame colors/styles.

Expert Installation - All installers are NAWCC and WCIA certified plus factory trained for perfect fits.

Lifetime Warranties - Stands fully behind all installations and products long-term.

Annual Cleaning Programs - Maintain performance through affordable regular cleaning packages.

Financing Available - Low monthly payment plans make solar screens more affordable.

Free Estimates - Provide detailed quotes upfront without obligation.

To experience the solar screen difference firsthand, request a no-pressure estimate from Screen & Shade Solutions. Their team of specialists will ensure you get the right solution for your Plumas Lake home or business.