Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Tracy CA


Solar screens, also known as sunscreens, are an effective way to control solar heat gain and increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings located in sunny climates like Tracy, CA. Solar screens work by blocking some of the sun's solar radiation from directly entering through windows, thus reducing interior heat levels and decreasing reliance on air conditioning.

There are a few different types of solar screens available for windows in Tracy, each with their own unique properties:

  • Aluminum solar screens are made of thin aluminum strands that are woven together to form a tightly knit screen. They are durable and long-lasting. Aluminum screens can block up to 85% of sunlight.
  • Fiberglass solar screens use ultra-fine fiberglass mesh in their construction. Fiberglass screens block about 75-80% of solar heat gain. They are a coated, weather-resistant option.
  • Acrylic solar screens are created from lightweight acrylic fabric rather than metal. Acrylic screens are flexible and block 70-80% of sunlight. They are ideal for arched or curved windows.
  • Hybrid solar screens blend different materials like aluminum with breathable fabrics for optimized sun blocking and ventilation. Some hybrid screens can block over 90% of solar radiation

No matter the material, all solar screens help lower indoor temperatures, minimize glare, and protect furnishings from fading effects of the sun when installed on windows around Tracy homes and buildings. This increases comfort and can reduce energy costs by lessening the need for air conditioning.

Privacy Screens Tracy

In addition to their sun blocking qualities, many solar screens in Tracy double as privacy screens that also provide visual screening between the inside and outside of homes. Privacy screens enhance security and allow homeowners to enjoy views outside without outsiders seeing clearly inside.

Common types of privacy screens used in Tracy include:

Fixed privacy screens – Made of rigid materials like wood or aluminum that are permanently attached to windows. Fixed screens provide solid screening but no ventilation.

Retractable privacy screens – Manual or electric screens that can easily be pulled open for improved ventilation as needed before closing for privacy. Used often for sliding glass doors.

Decorative privacy screens – Screens customized with patterns, colors or stylized designs that blend aesthetics with functionality.

Balcony/patio privacy screens – Tall, free-standing privacy panels ideal for enclosing decks, patios or balconies at upper levels for seclusion.

So in summary, both solar screens and privacy screens serve to regulate sunlight, offer visual privacy, and create separate interior and exterior spaces when installed on the exterior of windows and doors throughout Tracy homes.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

Solar/privacy screens work through a combination of geometry and materials science to effectively block sunlight. Essentially, solar screens diffuse and reflect solar rays before they enter a home to minimize indoor solar gain. Here's a more detailed look at their science:

Weave/Mesh - The tight weave pattern of the screen material (aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic etc.) creates numerous small spaces that solar radiation must pass through.

Angles - As light hits the screen at an angle, it is reflected off in multiple directions rather than penetrating straight through, diminishing intensity.

Reflection - Materials like aluminum are highly reflective and bounce back significant percentages of solar energy rather than absorbing it.

Absorption - Absorptive materials get warm from the sun but reradiate most of that thermal energy back outside rather than transmitting it indoors.

Ventilation - Some breathable screen meshes allow air movement while blocking sunshine for balanced indoor air quality.

The end result is a cooled, shaded interior space with far less solar heat gain than without solar/privacy screens installed on southern and western-facing windows in Tracy homes.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The cost of solar screens and privacy screens in Tracy can vary depending on the size of the project, materials used, and whether installation is included. Here's an overview of average solar screen pricing ranges in Tracy:

  • Materials only (DIY) - approximately $100-$300 per average sized window.
  • Professional installation of basic aluminum screens - $250-$500 per window.
  • Hybrid screen materials and professional install - $400-$700 per window.
  • Large patio or balcony privacy screen panels - $1000-$3000 per panel installed.
  • Automated retractable screens - $800-$1500 per window installed.

Project costs for screens on multiple windows will accumulate accordingly. The most expensive high-end automated, motorized, or specially designed screens can run $1000-1500 per window installed. However, basic aluminum screens are often the most affordable option starting around $200-300 per window with installation. Quality materials and proper installation are important for ensuring a solar screen lasts 5-10+ years in Tracy's climate.

Solar Screens Installation Tracy CA

Professional solar screen installation is recommended for most projects in Tracy to guarantee proper mounting, accuracy of fit, maximum performance levels and safety. Here is a typical process for solar screen installation:

Consultation - Measure all windows and discuss goals, budget and screen material options.

Preparation - Mask off areas, set up ladders and tools needed like screwdrivers, drill etc.

Mounting - Secure mounting brackets around each window frame using the correct fasteners.

Fitting - Carefully stretch screen material across brackets and trim edges neatly using snips.

Securing - Use additional clips, tabs or tension wires to keep screen uniformly taut after fitting.

Finishing - Remove any protective coverings, clean screens and complete final inspection.

Education - Review maintenance guidelines and warranty details with the homeowner.

An experienced Tracy solar screen company can install basic screens in one full workday. Larger, more complex projects may take multiple days to finish. Proper installation ensures reliable solar performance and a nice aesthetic fit of the screens in the window openings.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Tracy CA

Over time, solar screens can collect dust, pollen, mildew or other debris that builds up on the mesh material. However, cleaning solar screens is important for maximizing their sun blocking effectiveness and longevity. Professional solar screen cleaning services in Tracy are available and can address any cleaning needs safely and thoroughly.

Some tips for solar screen cleaning and maintenance in Tracy include:

  • Periodic rinse with a hose or pressure washer from the outside.
  • For heavy dirt, mix a mild dish soap and water in a spray bottle for an all-natural screen wash.
  • Use a soft brush or microfiber cloth to work soapy water into the mesh and rinse thoroughly.
  • For tough mildew stains, try a dilute bleach and water solution (1:10) then rinse.
  • Pole-mounted extensions help reach upper story windows from the ground safely.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing that could damage screens made of materials like fiberglass.
  • Have the entire solar screen system professionally cleaned once a year for optimal light control.

This minimal effort helps solar and privacy screens stay in great visual and working condition throughout their multi-year lifespans in Tracy's climate.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Tracy CA Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When selecting a contractor for solar screen installation or privacy screen projects in Tracy, there are a few key factors to consider:

Experience - Look for companies that specialize in and have many years of experience with solar screens specifically.

Materials - Know if they use leading industry brands like Sun Guard, Phifer or Larson for high quality, durable screens.

Warranty - Reputable contractors provide multi-year warranties on materials and workmanship.

Licenses/Permits - Ensure they carry proper licenses for construction work where needed.

References - Ask for and check online reviews from past solar screen customers.

Consultation - Estimate should include measurement, design advice and product recommendations.

Insurance - The contractor carries liability and Workers Comp coverage for protection.

Finding the right experienced, vetted solar screen company is important to get maximum energy savings and privacy from an investment in sun protection solutions in Tracy.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

Screen & Shade Solutions is a leading provider of high-performance solar screens, sunshades and privacy screens serving the Tracy, CA area. As an experienced full-service contractor:

  • We have installed thousands of screens on homes in Tracy and the surrounding regions over 15+ years of specialization.
  • Our exclusive screen materials are engineered by industry-leaders like Phifer, Larson, Solar Gard and Sun Vista for superior sun blocking.
  • A lifetime warranty protects the materials, workmanship and energy savings on every project.
  • We carry proper licensing, bonding, and multi-million dollar insurance coverage for customer protection.
  • Our expert installation team has extensive product and installation certification and training.
  • 3D renderings and in-home consultations ensure perfect customized screen fits for your Tracy windows and needs.
  • Additional specialty products like motorized retractable screens are available.

Contact Screen & Shade Solutions today for a free in-home consultation and estimate on adding solar screens or privacy.