Solar Screens or Sunscreens in Vacaville CA


If you're looking to reduce solar heat gain and add extra privacy to your home in Vacaville, CA, solar screens or sunscreens are a great option to consider. As one of the trusted manufacturers of security screens and solar shades in Northern California, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a variety of high-quality solar screens and sun shades for windows that are specially designed for the Vacaville climate.

Solar screens, also known as sun screens, are exterior attachment screens that help block out solar heat and regulate temperature inside the home. Installed on the outside of windows, solar screens can significantly reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% compared to bare, unshaded windows. This helps keep interior spaces cooler and more comfortable, while also reducing your need for air conditioning.

The multiple light-gauge aluminum slats that make up solar screens create a strong yet breathable barrier that blocks solar penetration from the sun's infrared and visible light rays during warm summer months in Vacaville. The closely spaced horizontal and vertical pattern of the screen material provides ample visibility out windows while still offering good solar protection.

Privacy Screens Vacaville

In addition to solar screens for heat and glare control, Screen & Shade Solutions also provides customized exterior privacy screening for windows in Vacaville, CA. Similar to solar screens but with a closer slat spacing, privacy screens are designed to obscure views in and out of windows for an enhanced level of seclusion and security.

Privacy screens installed on windows facing streets or neighboring properties allow occupants to enjoy uninhibited activities within the home without worry of exposure to passersby. They are a good option for bedrooms, bathrooms, or other rooms where privacy is desired most. The dense screening of high-grade aluminum effectively blocks views in both directions for true visual privacy.

What Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Do?

The main functions of solar screens and privacy screens installed in Vacaville are:

Solar Heat Reduction - As mentioned, solar screens can reduce solar heat gain transmitted through windows by up to 65% on sunny days. This provides significant interior cooling relief without heavy reliance on air conditioning.

Glare Control - The aluminum slat material diffuses and filters out harsh sunlight, eliminating glare on electronic devices, furniture, and flooring near windows. This improves visual comfort.

UV Protection - Solar screens shield fabrics, furnishings, and flooring from damaging UV rays that can cause fading over time. It helps protect indoor items from sun deterioration.

Temperature Regulation - By blocking a high percentage of solar radiation, solar screens help maintain a more even and moderate interior temperature whether it's hot outside or cold. Rooms feel more temperate year-round.

Privacy - Privacy screens installed on windows around the home or in specific rooms provide complete visual obstruction for an enhanced level of security, discretion, and seclusion as desired.

How Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Work?

The mechanism behind how solar screens and privacy screens regulate solar heat and provide coverage is quite simple. Both screens are made of lightweight extruded aluminum slats arranged horizontally and vertically in a grid-like pattern.

When installed on the outside-facing side of windows, the closely spaced narrow slats of the screen intercept direct solar rays before they can enter the home. Much of the sun's radiant infrared and visible light spectra are reflected or absorbed by the aluminum material instead of passing through.

Openings between the slats still allow natural light in while substantially reducing solar transmission. The screen also diffuses and scatters incoming light beams to prevent harsh glare. Airflow between slats promotes ventilation and helps prevent overheating on screen surfaces as well.

For privacy screens, slats are set even closer together so almost no viewing through is possible. This provides a true visual buffer and seclusion for windows around the perimeter of homes. Both screen types are securely fastened to window frames for longevity.

How Much Do Solar Screens and Privacy Screens Cost?

The average cost of professionally installed solar screens or privacy screens will vary depending on the number of windows, material grade, and other specific project factors. However, here are some general cost guidelines for Vacaville, CA:

Standard Aluminum Solar Screen - Around $150-300 per window installed. May be slightly higher for larger windows.

Premium Solar Screen (heavier grade material) - Approximately $200-400 per window installed.

Standard Aluminum Privacy Screen - $175-350 per window installed usually.

Premium Privacy Screen - $225-450 per window installed typically.

Additional costs may include window measurements, trimming or adjusting screens for window shapes, and sales tax. Larger whole-home screen installations with 10+ windows tend to have slightly lower per-window rates as well. For accurate quotes, it's best to consult a local professional solar screen company regarding your specific project needs and property.

Solar Screens Installation Vacaville CA

To install solar screens or privacy screens properly, Screen & Shade Solutions recommends always using experienced, trained installation professionals versus attempting to DIY. Their expert Vacaville screen installers have extensive experience properly attaching screens for high performance and longevity.

The installation process involves carefully measuring and fitting each screen specifically for the assigned window. Screens are cut to size using precision equipment in the shop before arriving on site. Aluminum framing or mounting tabs are securely fastened around window perimeters to anchor the screens in place.

Adjustments can be made as needed for sizing accuracy. Some window types may require additional custom fabrication or framing elements. Installers use high-quality marine-grade caulking and fasteners rated to withstand Northern California's climate. Each screen is tensioned evenly onto the window for a taut, wrinkle-free fit.

A basic screen installation takes approximately 1-2 hours per window depending on specific access and conditions. The entire process results in permanently affixed, architecturally integrated solar or privacy screens engineered to protect windows and last for many years to come with minimal to no maintenance required.

Solar Screens Cleaning Service Vacaville CA

Over time, solar screens can accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris accumulation on their slat surfaces which reduces their solar regulating effectiveness. Screen & Shade Solutions provides regular solar screen cleaning services for existing Vacaville customers to restore screens to like-new condition.

Trained technicians use specialized poles, brushes, wipes and cleaning solutions safe for aluminum. A mild dish soap mixed with water generally does the trick. Screens are gently rinsed then allowed to fully air dry. Any damage is also assessed and reported for repairs if needed. Clients can sign up for seasonal cleaning packages tailored to their needs.

Choosing the Right Contractor/Company for Your Vacaville Sunscreen or Solar Screen & Privacy Screen Installation

When choosing an installer for solar screens or privacy screens in the Vacaville area, look for a company with:

Years of Experience: An established, full-service outdoor solutions provider with a proven track record is best.

Quality Products: Works with reputable screen manufacturers known for strength, longevity and California tested/rated materials.

Proper Certification: All installers are WBR Certified and trained in installation best practices.

Customization: Ability to provide custom screen solutions based on your unique architectural requirements.

Warranty: Offers product and installation warranties to stand behind their workmanship.

Service: Provides ongoing maintenance plans, repairs and cleaning for all your screen needs over time.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions

Screen & Shade Solutions has been serving Solano County, including Vacaville, California for over years. As a WBR Certified contractor, they exclusively install award-winning solar and privacy screen products from industry leading manufacturers such as Solar Screens by R Lang and the Titan Screenline range.

Their experienced installation team undergoes extensive training directly through manufacturers to ensure all screens are fitted perfectly according to project plans, window dimensions, and structural/wind load design requirements. Screens are custom cut or fabricated on site as needed with precision tools.

Screen & Shade Solutions stands behind all products and installations with strong limited lifetime warranties. Customers also enjoy year-round service and maintenance programs to optimize screen performance. With a variety of financing options available, upgrading windows with high-quality solar or privacy screening solutions from Screen & Shade Solutions is made affordable and convenient.

To learn more about solar screens and privacy screens for sale and installation from the Vacaville experts, contact Screen & Shade Solutions today for a free in-home consultation and project quote. Browse their website to view reviews, photo galleries and the full range of outdoor window screening options available.