We service Duralum Patio Cover installations in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville and El Dorado Hills and Beyond!

Duralum Patio Covers

Screen and Shade Solutions has a great new option for Sacramento, CA homeowners who want the look of wood without the hassle of caring for wood. Duralum patio covers look exactly like wood, but they will never rot, be eaten by termites, warp, or peel. You will never have to sand down your Duralum, scrape off old peeled paint, or replace boards that have rotted. Duralum’s virtual indestructability makes it perfect for lattice patio covers, especially if you plan to grow vines up the sides of your lattice patio cover and create a leafy canopy. Wood is charming looking for this sort of patio cover, but it will eventually rot, since the vines hold water and little tendrils break the wood apart.

With Duralum, you can have a beautiful wood-looking patio cover that is covered in vines, without any worries about maintenance or replacing the wood frequently. If you are looking for Duralum patio covers, we offer them at Screen and Shade Solutions in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. If you have a home or business in Walnut Creek, Benicia, Danville, Vallejo, you can get an Duralum patio cover with no problem.

We also serve the cities of Roseville, Rocklin, Concord, and San Ramon, as well as Fairfield, Vacaville, and Stockton. At Screen and Shade Solutions we are committed to getting you the best quality on your patio covers for a low, affordable price. Duralum is a great option for this, because it is a high quality material that resists decay and will look fantastic for years, and ends up being cheaper per board than wood, once manufacturing costs are taken into consideration. Whether you are looking for a small patio cover or a large patio cover, or whether you are looking for a lattice patio cover or a solid roof patio cover, you will find a great looking solution among the Duralum patio covers at Screen and Shade Solutions!

Duralum Patio Covers Sacramento

Duralum is a great new option for homeowners and business owners all over Sacramento! Duralum is an imitation wood product, but unlike other imitation woods it truly has the look and feel of real wood. With Duralum, your guests will not be able to tell that your patio is not made from real wood – in fact, you yourself will not be able to tell the difference! What they will be able to tell is how well your patio lasts and ages, how it does not rot or get infested with termites, and how it never warps no matter how much it rains.

Duralum is an extremely popular material in the Sacramento, CA area, and it is especially great for lattice patio covers if you plan to train vines up them and let them grow over the top. Vines have a tendency to cause wood to rot, but with Duralum patio covers you can have the beautiful look of wood lattice with vines, without the hassle of replacing rotten wood frequently. Duralum is the ideal solution for your Fairfield, Vacaville, Stockton, or Roseville home, with its beautiful appearance and long-lasting quality and durability.

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we supply Duralum patio covers for the entire Sacramento, CA area. Whether you live in Rocklin, Walnut Creek, or Benicia, or have a home or business in Danville, Vallejo, Concord, or San Ramon, we can take care of you at Screen and Shade Solutions! Duralum is a fantastic porch covering option in the Sacramento, CA area because of its beauty and durability. We also offer many other porch coverings and outdoor porch coverings at Screen and Shade Solutions. If you are looking for canvas porch coverings, retractable porch coverings, aluminum porch coverings, or fiberglass porch coverings, we have what you are looking for at Screen and Shade Solutions. Give us a call today to find out how we can make your Sacramento area home look great!

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