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With the return of spring and summer to Vacaville, CA, there is a renewed interest in getting breezes and fresh air into the home. Many homeowners in Vacaville have already been opening up doors and windows first thing in the morning to get that crisp, refreshing early morning air which is almost better than coffee for waking you up. As the weather gets warm, though, the bugs are going to start coming out, so now is the time to get screens on your windows and doors so you don’t miss a minute of wonderful fresh air. The entire Sacramento, CA area, and especially Vacaville, is famous for having great weather and a temperate climate.
•Available in 6 different colors
•Rolls away when not needed
•Door handle and locking latch
•Let the breeze in
•Keep the bugs out
•Let your home breath

Enjoy the outside temperature with a retractable screen door from Screen and Shade Solutions in Vacaville

Many of our customers at Screen and Shade Solutions even leave their windows open all day and night during the warm months, enjoying the change in temperature outdoors and allowing nature to enter their homes. But there are some parts of nature that you do not want entering your home, and most of those parts of nature have exoskeletons. Flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and moths are pests that belong outdoors, not in your Vacaville, CA home. Screens on your windows and doors will ensure that you can take full advantage of the warm summer air and cool, refreshing breezes without getting flies in your food, moths flapping around your light bulbs, or mosquitoes buzzing in your ears at night.

Screen doors are a standard in many homes in the area, upgrade your screen door to a retractable screen door today!

They are so ubiquitous in the south that they have become stereotypical of a certain style of architecture. In Vacaville, CA, however, if your home is not designed to look good with a screen door on it, you may feel out of luck when it comes to opening up your front door and letting the breeze in. Fortunately, Screen and Shade Solutions has an answer to this problem. Our retractable screen doors are a full screen door when you need them, and then disappear when you do not need them. You do not need to worry about whether a screen door matches your architectural style; all your guests and visitors will see when your front door is closed is your front door yourself. You may have your front door painted brightly and not want the color to be hidden behind a screen, or you may enjoy decorating your door with wreaths and other decorations. Either way, the aesthetic quality of your front door is in no way compromised by a retractable screen door from Screen and Shade Solutions. The retractable screen door is housed in a small, unobtrusive casing tucked on the side of your door frame – visitors will hardly even know it is there.

 When you open up your front door and pull out your retractable screen door, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of a screen door, with a sturdy, solid screen door that latches easily into your door frame! We also specialize in many other types of products.
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Retractable screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions have many more benefits to Vacaville, CA homeowners beyond the fact that they do not obscure your main front door. For instance, retractable screen doors are less prone to damage than conventional screen doors are. The screen is only out and exposed to danger of damage when you want it to be out; at all other times it is stored safely away where stray feet will not bend it or break holes in it. In addition, our retractable screen doors are covered under our warranty against defects in craftsmanship, so you can be confident that it will always pull out easily and retract easily. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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